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Finding Joy in the Weight Loss Journey


The weight loss habits that you actually enjoy can guide you to your weight loss goals! Let’s face it. Some of the things you have to do to lose weight can be miserable. And when it’s miserable, you either quit, or you get angry thinking about all those annoying people that can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. BUT- what if the things you had to do to lose weight, you actually ENJOYED doing? It can literally change the game. Instead of anticipating a lifetime of eating stale rice cakes in between tears, find the parts of […]

How to Have More Energy


A conversation with my sister-in-law last weekend has left me thinking a lot about how to have more energy. She is exhausted every day. She told me that when she gets to the grocery store, she’ll sit in the parking lot in her quiet car to rest until she can gather up enough energy to go in and get her groceries. Why do some people abundantly have more energy to get through the day, while others are struggling to stay awake? I’m 46 years old this year, and have always had a lot if energy. I’m not sure if I […]

Excess vs. Minimalism


How living a life balanced in between excess and minimalism is the most rewarding! A trending idea today is that “life balance” is a myth. I accepted this for many years. I used this belief to justify my lack of life balance. Something either took over my life, or I ignored it altogether. As a workaholic who fluctuates between being 100% involved with a project, or completely apathetic about it, I told myself “there’s no such thing as life balance. It is what it is”. But the most difficult things in our lives is the foundation for our growth. Life […]