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Reset Dopamine to Get your Motivation Back

Do you lose motivation to meet your goals before 10am each day? Your lack of dopamine could be to blame. Here’s how to get it back! Recently, I’ve been having a tough time staying motivated. In the morning, I always start off with a strong determination to conquer my day. I am ready to get stuff done and to stick to my health goals. I have incredible motivation in the morning. I run, I write, I get ready for the day. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and I feel amazing. But by 10 am, it’s […]

Heidi Powell Interview at Fitcon Her {5 Tips for Breaking through a Plateau}


I was thrilled to be able to sit down with fitness icon Heidi Powell at Fitcon Her this past weekend. Heidi was 100% as genuine, kind, and inspiring as I imagined she would be. About Heidi Heidi Powell is a mom, a fitness expert, TV trainer from the ABC show Extreme Weight Loss and creator of the Transform App, a resource for workouts and meal plans to help you reach your goals. Heidi’s tips for hitting a plateau The biggest thing I wanted to learn from Heidi is how she helps people who have been following a plan, but they […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Strong, Balanced Solutions


Helping others get healthier from the inside out is how Sara, from Strong Balanced Solutions trains. I first met Sara almost 10 years ago when we worked together at the Utah State Department of Health. Since then, Sara has grown a thriving business, providing personal training and other services as a wellness coach and exercise physiologist. I interviewed her for this Entrepreneurial business series to shine the light on people in our industry who are truly inspiring healthy change in others. SARA:   My goal and focus at  Strong Balanced Solutions is to work with the positive psychology of behavior change, regarding […]

Entrepreneur spotlight: Core-Fit Studio

Maria Hubscher of Core Fit Studio E

It takes a lot of passion to open a brand new fitness studio. Meet Maria, who recently did this, and how she’s growing her business today. I first met Maria, owner of Core Fit Studio in November when I noticed her fitness center being built close to my house. I was so intrigued, I showed up to meet her, even before her gym was open. I instantly liked her. She encompasses true passion for healthy living, she’s got a great sense for business, and the fact that she’s in her 50’s, yet looks 25, has me very jealous. Last week, […]

Live Your Life and Your Passion Will Find You

The Best Advice on Finding Your Passion I often think back to what inspired me to pursue nutrition and health as a career.  I don’t believe I CHOSE that I was going to have an obsession about nutrition and food.   I do know that my earliest memories are of curiosity about health, food, and the human body. I remember pouring over books in the library about diets and staying fit from a very young age. Not entirely because I was concerned about the way I looked, although that was a factor, but mostly because I was fascinated by what affects […]