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9 Free Nutrition Worksheets for Kids


Whether you are headed to present at a school, a hospital, you homeschool, or you are teaching your kids some important lessons on nutrition, it’s always nice to have a pre-made worksheet or handout for your students! The biggest problem I’ve found with looking for nutrition worksheets online is most of the sites I land on want you to create an account, or there are so many ads you don’t know how to download it. Hands down, the best site for easy to access free nutrition worksheets and printables is Nourish Interactive. In fact, a good portion of the sites […]

Go, Slow, Woah {Nutrition Activity for Kids}


A nutrition activity to teach eating guidelines to kids Setting boundaries and guidelines for kids eating is an important part of raising them. In our food culture, it’s too easy to believe that all the food is OK, any time you want it. Today’s kids are at a disadvantage if they don’t learn to navigate our food environment. Food today is highly palatable, easily accessible, and always available. This is why I love this nutrition activity, Go, Slow, and Woah. In addition to teaching kids lessons about portion control, it’s also important to teach them to recognize which foods which […]

DIY Portion Control Plate


Making your own portion control plates can be a fun activity for kids and reinforce balanced eating. While purchasing a portion control plate is quite affordable, I encourage families to spend some time to make their own. So many kids benefit from visual learning, where they can use their creativity, their hands, and their minds altogether. What’s included in a portion control plate? I like to start with an image of a portion control plate, either pulled up on a screen, printed out, or a real portion control plate. The basics of creating your own plate should include the basic […]

7 Portion Control Handouts to Put on Your Fridge

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If you need a reminder to stick with your portion control plan, check out these portion control handouts! Our busy, distracted lives makes it difficult to pay attention to our food. Worse, it makes it difficult to pay attention to the amount of food we are consuming, especially when we are multi-tasking. Having reminders, like portion control handouts taped to your fridge can help you be more mindful of your meals and not consistently overeat. The Ultimate Guide to Portion Control states, “Controlling your portions could be your answer to losing weight”. Below are 7 printables or handouts that you […]