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Control Your Diet to Control Your Life


When you are in control of your diet, the rest of your life feels more controllable. What comes first? Your life feeling out of control, so your eating becomes out of control? Or your eating gets out of control and then your life feels out of control? It may not matter. I have found when I can get my food under control, I have more control over the other areas of my life, and that’s the easier path for me to take. Recently, my life felt like it was in chaos. We have more people living under my roof than […]

Can you get full by eating less? The Satiety of Smaller Portions


An interesting study in 2004 showed when subjects ate a 12 inch sub sandwich, vs an 8 inch sandwich, their ratings of hunger and fullness were not significantly different. This has had me thinking quite a bit! Even though the study participants took in more calories with the larger sandwich, they were just as satisfied as those who ate the smaller sandwich. This leads me to believe that hunger and satiety have a strong mental component when it comes to portion control, as well as a physiological component. The specific study results state: The portion size of the sandwich significantly […]

7 Rules for Healthy Living


Health advice has gotten complicated! We live in a culture where experts are ignored, science is questioned, and everyone has an opinion about health and weight loss. But at the end of the day, we are all trying to achieve the same result: the best (and sometimes the easiest) path to healthier living and an optimal weight. The simplest path to healthy living isn’t always the easiest. However, I’ve listed 7 things that I think have the biggest impact, and I know that by practicing these, you’ll see incredible gains in your physical health, as well as mental health. Fast […]

Comparing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Nutrition


Stick with your goals, and still enjoy a treat! When you know the calories and nutrition info for Reese’s Cups you can practice portion control by eating what will fit with your plan. If you are counting macros, weight watchers points or calories, nutrition information is essential. Easter is close, and I love Reeseā€™s Peanut Butter cups, I wanted to know how many I could eat that would still fit into my plan, and not take me away from my goals. The very tiniest of Reese’s cups (the unwrapped mini’s) are only 17 calories per PB cup! So, if you […]

DIY Portion Control Plate


Making your own portion control plates can be a fun activity for kids and reinforce balanced eating. While purchasing a portion control plate is quite affordable, I encourage families to spend some time to make their own. So many kids benefit from visual learning, where they can use their creativity, their hands, and their minds altogether. What’s included in a portion control plate? I like to start with an image of a portion control plate, either pulled up on a screen, printed out, or a real portion control plate. The basics of creating your own plate should include the basic […]

8 Affordable Portion Control Lunch Boxes


If you are looking for lunch boxes that help you keep your portions under control, or to help your kids eat a balanced lunch, these lunch boxes are affordable and functional! What is a portion control lunch box? A lunch box separated for the right amount of food from different food groups. There are many lunch containers with a variety of compartments, but some are built with portion control in mind. That means, one section or compartment for each food group, in the right amounts. I look for boxes that have 3- 4 sections so that myportion sizes are in […]

Portion Control Interventions that work


With obesity at an all time high and continuing to rise, many people are trying to find answers and solutions. Clearly, there isn’t just one cause or one solution. So, it’s critical we look at both individual responsibility in weight loss as well as government policy that have been shown to help people make healthier choices. But, what are these interventions? What could the government do that can help people not eat so much food? How can they treat people at the population level? And what can we learn from their research to change in our own lives? The more […]

Stopping The Portion Creep


To “creep” means to move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed. And creeping is exactly what is happening to our portion sizes. The slow move is going unnoticed by most of us. Over the last two decades portion sizes have increased 25%. While that may not seem like a lot, the consequences of these increased calories are that 33% of our population is overweight or obese. (1) Not only is this devastating to our health, but the kids that are affected by this subtle portion creep never even knew it was coming. By identifying some […]

Portion Control Plate vs. Dinner Plate {Research results!}


A recent study (2017) revealed, when people were allowed to serve their own dinner on a portion control plate vs. a regular dinner plate, they ate less food. Consuming smaller portions during a meal should result in weight loss. The question is presented, what are some effective ways to reduce portions? This study opened with some alarming statistics that I hadn’t yet read. We know the recommended portion sizes are larger than the portions we are being sold in the read-made market. Specifically: Cookies are 700% larger. Cooked pasta, 480% larger. Steak, 224% larger and bagels, 195% larger than a […]

Mindless Eating vs. Portion Control {The Popcorn Experiement}


Eating from a bag vs. a pre-portioned serving yielded 100% + more food eaten. We all know how easy it is to overeat when you eat out of a bag, vs. when you pre-portion out your food. But, I was interested to see how much more my own family eats when they have a large bag of popcorn and no indications when to stop. So, I do what any parent would do. I performed and unscientific, blind study on my own family. The results weren’t surprising, but they were interesting! The Portion Control Study Design I bought a large bag […]