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3 Ways to Make Zoodles


Replace zoodles for noodles and save 183 calories per serving! Yesterday I went to our local NBC studio to talk about Zoodles! Zoodles (or spiralized zucchini) is a great substitute for regular noodles! I like to use them because I can spend more calories on the yummier things like butter, cheese, sauces, and meat! (Watch my segment here) 3 Reasons to add zoodles to your summer: Zoodles are low in calories (200 calories vs. 17 calories) I love this because you can add more delicious food on top for the calories, without compromising satiety or taste. Zoodles are high in […]

Calories Count for Weight Loss {plus Cream Cheese Enchilada Recipe}


CALORIES COUNT WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT Eating Healthy, But Gaining Weight The most shocking thing for me to learn, after years of following diet plans and listening to diet advice from the experts, was that it is never about the food! The very last diet I tried before finding mindful eating was to eliminate sugar. I listened to books about sugar being addictive, I subscribed to podcasts, I read articles, and I was convinced that if I simply eliminated sugar, I would never overeat again! To me in that moment, sugar was the villain and, by simply […]