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3 Ways to Make Zoodles


Replace zoodles for noodles and save 183 calories per serving! Yesterday I went to our local NBC studio to talk about Zoodles! Zoodles (or spiralized zucchini) is a great substitute for regular noodles! I like to use them because I can spend more calories on the yummier things like butter, cheese, sauces, and meat! (Watch my segment here) 3 Reasons to add zoodles to your summer: Zoodles are low in calories (200 calories vs. 17 calories) I love this because you can add more delicious food on top for the calories, without compromising satiety or taste. Zoodles are high in […]

Make Half your Plate Fruits and Veggies with Portion Plates


AMAZON PRIME WEEKEND SALE!! 10% OFF PORTION PLATES USING CODE: 10PRIMEPLATE The eating plan, with the most research confirming it’s efficacy, is half your plate should come from fruits and veggies.  Years of research confirms that eating this way will have the biggest positive impact on your health.  Some benefits to making half your plate fruits and vegetables include: Maintaining a healthy weight Improving immunity Keeping your diet low in calories Reducing disease risk Getting adequate fiber each day Re-training taste preferences for overly sweet or salty foods. giving you more energy throughout the day This meal above was dinner on our portion control plates last night! […]

Low Calorie Pasta Salad


Make ahead and chill this low calorie pasta salad for your next potluck! Attending social events, parties, or neighborhood BBQ’s is part of summer. I never want to get to the point where I avoid socializing because the food FOMO is so overwhelming. In fact, I don’t just want to attend the parties, I also want to eat food with my friends and family! There is a way that you can enjoy food while socializing and still meet your weight loss goals. When you are invited to a summer BBQ or potluck, it’s always a good idea to bring a […]