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Reset Dopamine to Get your Motivation Back

Do you lose motivation to meet your goals before 10am each day? Your lack of dopamine could be to blame. Here’s how to get it back! Recently, I’ve been having a tough time staying motivated. In the morning, I always start off with a strong determination to conquer my day. I am ready to get stuff done and to stick to my health goals. I have incredible motivation in the morning. I run, I write, I get ready for the day. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and I feel amazing. But by 10 am, it’s […]

Portion Control Bundle Giveaway


*GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED – Winner @mom_of_boucher_brothers A few months ago, I put together the products I created and use to lose weight and to make portion control easier. This week, I want to do a giveaway for the Portion Control Bundle! You can enter here by leaving a comment, or on instagram here. This is the full bundle: It comes with 2 Portion Control Plates for Kids 2 Adult portion control plates Portion control containers All our worksheets (which you could also get by signing up for my emails! Plus a food scale and a spoon that weighs small amounts […]

5 Secrets to Weight Loss from 10,000 Successful Losers


The National Weight Control Registry is a treasure! Unlike claims of weight loss from fad diets, the registry gathers information from people who have lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for a year or more. The average member of the registry has lost 66 pounds and kept it off for 5.5 years! The Weight Loss Findings The cool thing about the registry is they interpret the data in an unbiased way, with nothing to sell and no hidden agendas. And, I can confidently say in addition to focusing on portion control, that I followed all 5 of […]

Can you get full by eating less? The Satiety of Smaller Portions


An interesting study in 2004 showed when subjects ate a 12 inch sub sandwich, vs an 8 inch sandwich, their ratings of hunger and fullness were not significantly different. This has had me thinking quite a bit! Even though the study participants took in more calories with the larger sandwich, they were just as satisfied as those who ate the smaller sandwich. This leads me to believe that hunger and satiety have a strong mental component when it comes to portion control, as well as a physiological component. The specific study results state: The portion size of the sandwich significantly […]

Portion Control Plate vs. Dinner Plate {Research results!}


A recent study (2017) revealed, when people were allowed to serve their own dinner on a portion control plate vs. a regular dinner plate, they ate less food. Consuming smaller portions during a meal should result in weight loss. The question is presented, what are some effective ways to reduce portions? This study opened with some alarming statistics that I hadn’t yet read. We know the recommended portion sizes are larger than the portions we are being sold in the read-made market. Specifically: Cookies are 700% larger. Cooked pasta, 480% larger. Steak, 224% larger and bagels, 195% larger than a […]

Research Review: Plate Design Associated with Increased Vegetable Consumption


Preschool kids ate more veggies when there were pictures of vegetables on their lunch plates. A research letter published Oct 2018 in JAMA Pediatrics reviewed the association of fruit and vegetable consumption among preschool children. When pictures of fruits and veggies were on their plates, the amount of vegetables they ate increased. 235 kids, aged 3-5 years old participated in the study. Fruit and veggie intake was weighed and measured to get a baseline. The kids dished up their own food, and the bowls of fruits and veggies were re-weighed. A final measurement was taken after the kids ate, subtracting […]

What You Should Know About Canada’s New Food Guide

Canadas food guide or food plate W

Health Canada just revealed their updated dietary guidelines with the associated image to represent a healthy plate. They are calling it, Canada’ Food Guide, but I like, Canada’s Food Plate! The recommendations can be summarized on their Food Guide Canada website here.  To summarize the important points, Be Mindful of your eating habits . Take time to eat. Notice when you are hungry and when you are full. Cook more often. Plan what you eat. Involve others in planning and preparing meals. Enjoy your food. Culture and food tradition can be party of healthy eating. Eat meals with others. Eat […]