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Common Weight Loss Beliefs Worth Challenging


Believing some of these things kept me from seeing weight loss results for so long! I finally started questioning them and it was worth it! What weight loss beliefs should you be challenging? I love this question! Because I’ve been so interested in diet culture from a very young age, there are certain beliefs that have shaped my behavior for sure.  Some things I believed so strongly, that I wasn’t even willing to challenge them. These included: That you should eat every 2 hours – I mean, heaven forbid you go too long between meals, cause your metabolism will come […]

Health Habit Streaks


It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s easier to perform a health habit every single day, than sporadically. This is known as a health habit streak! You might surprise yourself by doing everything you can to not ruin the streak or break the chain. This year has proven to me over and over again, that consistency over intensity will help you succeed at weight loss. Every. Single. Day. My Running Streak 100 days ago, I decided to run outdoors every single day. I quickly found an entire community of ‘streakers‘! There are people who have been tracking a daily run for […]

40 Prompts for Your Food Journal


YOUR BODY KEEPS AN ACCURATE JOURNAL, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU WRITE DOWN.  Keeping a food journal is a great way to establish patterns for how you respond both physically and mentally to the food you put in your body. When you aren’t paying attention, you may not realize the portion creep that causes you to gain weight. You can assess through a food journal after a meal with the following questions, or come up with your own criteria:  • What food did you eat and in what quantities?  • What was my mood during the meal, immediately following the meal, […]

5 Questions to Avoid Food FOMO


Food FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can ruin your weight loss goals. When you are surrounded by delicious food that may be out of the ordinary, it’s natural to want to indulge. But next time, before you decide to indulge, ask yourself these 5 questions first! Eating due to peer pressure, eating something because everyone else is eating, or eating because you think you’ll never have a chance to eat a specific food again (the rest of your life!!) can make you feel out of control! This is especially true when you don’t really want to indulge, but you perceive […]

Calories Count for Weight Loss {plus Cream Cheese Enchilada Recipe}


CALORIES COUNT WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT Eating Healthy, But Gaining Weight The most shocking thing for me to learn, after years of following diet plans and listening to diet advice from the experts, was that it is never about the food! The very last diet I tried before finding mindful eating was to eliminate sugar. I listened to books about sugar being addictive, I subscribed to podcasts, I read articles, and I was convinced that if I simply eliminated sugar, I would never overeat again! To me in that moment, sugar was the villain and, by simply […]

Intermittent Fasting Strategy: Delay Breakfast


I used to be a hard core breakfast eater. I would wake up at 5 am and eat breakfast before I would work out. I FIRMLY believed it was vital to eat breakfast every single day. Until Intermittent fasting started gaining popularity. I had been wanting to do my workouts fasted, but was too afraid to give it a try. I thought I wouldn’t get through a run if I didn’t have food. The crazy thing about the first time I skipped breakfast was I had more energy for my work out. The other thing I noticed was I didn’t […]

Finding Joy in the Weight Loss Journey


The weight loss habits that you actually enjoy can guide you to your weight loss goals! Let’s face it. Some of the things you have to do to lose weight can be miserable. And when it’s miserable, you either quit, or you get angry thinking about all those annoying people that can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. BUT- what if the things you had to do to lose weight, you actually ENJOYED doing? It can literally change the game. Instead of anticipating a lifetime of eating stale rice cakes in between tears, find the parts of […]

Reset Dopamine to Get your Motivation Back

Do you lose motivation to meet your goals before 10am each day? Your lack of dopamine could be to blame. Here’s how to get it back! Recently, I’ve been having a tough time staying motivated. In the morning, I always start off with a strong determination to conquer my day. I am ready to get stuff done and to stick to my health goals. I have incredible motivation in the morning. I run, I write, I get ready for the day. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish and I feel amazing. But by 10 am, it’s […]

Control Your Diet to Control Your Life


When you are in control of your diet, the rest of your life feels more controllable. What comes first? Your life feeling out of control, so your eating becomes out of control? Or your eating gets out of control and then your life feels out of control? It may not matter. I have found when I can get my food under control, I have more control over the other areas of my life, and that’s the easier path for me to take. Recently, my life felt like it was in chaos. We have more people living under my roof than […]

My Weight Loss Transformation


I’ve struggled with weight for my entire life. If I’m not actively trying to lose weight, I am gaining. I could never find the in between. I never arrived where I thought I could relax in a period of maintenance. I give up all sense of control, or I’m white knuckling my way through the day to not eat all the food in my house. In the last few years however, my mindset has changed toward this weight loss journey. Instead of believing that my weight loss efforts were unfair and that I deserved a break from trying so hard, […]