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Eat it Later {Book Review}


Eat it Later is a short book, written by a relatively unknown author, but it surprisingly had a big impact on me! I am a skeptic when it comes to weight loss advice. I’ve read a lot of books, and have tried a lot of strategies to eat healthy food, but nothing has truly been a game changer . That’s why it came as a huge surprise to me when I loved the book, Eat it Later by Michael Alvear. The subtitle is “Mastering Self Control and the slimming power of postponement.” Timing is everything on my interest in health […]

Portion Control Interventions that work


With obesity at an all time high and continuing to rise, many people are trying to find answers and solutions. Clearly, there isn’t just one cause or one solution. So, it’s critical we look at both individual responsibility in weight loss as well as government policy that have been shown to help people make healthier choices. But, what are these interventions? What could the government do that can help people not eat so much food? How can they treat people at the population level? And what can we learn from their research to change in our own lives? The more […]

Stopping The Portion Creep


To “creep” means to move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed. And creeping is exactly what is happening to our portion sizes. The slow move is going unnoticed by most of us. Over the last two decades portion sizes have increased 25%. While that may not seem like a lot, the consequences of these increased calories are that 33% of our population is overweight or obese. (1) Not only is this devastating to our health, but the kids that are affected by this subtle portion creep never even knew it was coming. By identifying some […]

Portion Control Plate vs. Dinner Plate {Research results!}


A recent study (2017) revealed, when people were allowed to serve their own dinner on a portion control plate vs. a regular dinner plate, they ate less food. Consuming smaller portions during a meal should result in weight loss. The question is presented, what are some effective ways to reduce portions? This study opened with some alarming statistics that I hadn’t yet read. We know the recommended portion sizes are larger than the portions we are being sold in the read-made market. Specifically: Cookies are 700% larger. Cooked pasta, 480% larger. Steak, 224% larger and bagels, 195% larger than a […]

Mindless Eating vs. Portion Control {The Popcorn Experiement}


Eating from a bag vs. a pre-portioned serving yielded 100% + more food eaten. We all know how easy it is to overeat when you eat out of a bag, vs. when you pre-portion out your food. But, I was interested to see how much more my own family eats when they have a large bag of popcorn and no indications when to stop. So, I do what any parent would do. I performed and unscientific, blind study on my own family. The results weren’t surprising, but they were interesting! The Portion Control Study Design I bought a large bag […]

Stop Snacking to Lose Weight

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As a crusader in the fight against snacking, here’s what you need to know: When you stop snacking, you will lose weight! People feel threatened when I recommend cutting snacks out of their diet. When I started talking about it, I was not prepared for the criticism. It’s as if eating between meals is what is keeping us alive. People are afraid of feeling deprived, (or depriving their kids). But even “healthy snacks” are training our brains to need food 24/7. Our guts never get a break. If there was one pivotal thing that has made my weight loss experience […]

10 Kitchen Hacks to Stop Overeating

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Simple changes in your own kitchen can support your desire to eat healthier, stop overeating and give you that feeling of control once again! It’s one thing to KNOW you’ve eaten more food than you should, but our modern food culture has set us up to not even notice when we’ve overeaten, until we gain weight or get sick! The mindless eating phenomenon was made popular by the researcher and author Brian Wansink, Ph.D with his research at Cornell University. This is the idea that you are overeating without even noticing or being conscious of it. While I know some […]

42 Reasons You Overeat


If you’ve ever reflected on your day and wondered why you ate so much, this list of reasons might give you some insight. The amount of food eaten to be considered “overeating” is different for every one. You can overeat anytime that you consume more food that your body needs to thrive. I began a series on Instagram that explored some subtle ways we overeat, such as a the calories in a little extra peanut butter… the portion size difference of extra granola…. or even the calories of just 3 chocolate covered cinnamon bears! Sometimes, we don’t even realize we […]

7 Portion Control Handouts to Put on Your Fridge

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If you need a reminder to stick with your portion control plan, check out these portion control handouts! Our busy, distracted lives makes it difficult to pay attention to our food. Worse, it makes it difficult to pay attention to the amount of food we are consuming, especially when we are multi-tasking. Having reminders, like portion control handouts taped to your fridge can help you be more mindful of your meals and not consistently overeat. The Ultimate Guide to Portion Control states, “Controlling your portions could be your answer to losing weight”. Below are 7 printables or handouts that you […]

20 Questions to Know if you are at a Healthy Weight


Achieving your healthy weight will help you feel physically better, feel more alive, be stronger, have fewer aches and pains, and you will live longer. How do you know if you or a child needs to lose weight? How do you know what your healthiest weight for you would be, or if your kids are at a healthy weight? YES- You can be happy at any size! YES – Living by the scale is not helpful. NO- Weight range charts aren’t for everyone. YES- Every BODY is different and has their own healthy weight. However the evidence is clear. There […]