The Portion Control Diet

Smart portions. Healthy weight.


Portion size increases in the last 2 decades has resulted in 2 billion people overweight, and it’s still on the rise.Don’t let it happen to you! Get portions back to normal today!

Why Portion Control?

Our modern food culture has taken over our plates. What was once a benefit that food could be so easily accessible and convenient, has become a nightmare.

  • EXCESS sugar, salt, and fat has taken over our food supply, causing intense cravings to eat more.
  • SNEAKY and subtle increases in portion size leave us believing we are eating the right amount, when in fact we are overeating!
  • An EXPLOSION of snack foods on the market encourages us to graze all day long, because they are portable and convenient.
  • Digital DISTRACTIONS our grandparents never had to deal with follow us to the kitchen table making us unaware of the amount of food we’re inhaling.

All of these changes in our food culture makes overeating feel normal. Smart people like you are fooled into not noticing how much food you ate. All of this leads to weight gain, obesity, and feeling bloated. Read 42 Reasons you overeat.

how do i get started?

Over the past decade I’ve identified subtle changes in food culture that has left us overfed and overweight!  My Portion Control Diet Plan has helped thousands of people reverse the weight gain and take control of their health and the health of their families.  The Portion Control Diet is the only program appropriate for the entire family ready to achieve their healthiest weight.   (read the non-diet approach to healthy weight for kids here)


Clean up your environment

To minimize the mindless overeating and over consuming, start by cleaning up your kitchen. Getting rid of foods from your home that you tend to overeat, can help you start to feel in control. If you eat cereal out of the box, stop buying cereal. If you know it’s hard to stick to one ounce of trail mix, don’t buy it, portion it into one ounce servings, or put it out of sight so you don’t reach for more every time you notice it.  After you get rid of the highly addictive food, clean, organize, and declutter the kitchen.  When you live in chaos, you naturally eat more.  (Read 10 Kitchen Hacks to stop overeating and  Marie Kondo Your Diet here


  • Clean the junk food out of your pantry.
  • Put foods you overeat, or feel a certain addiction to, out of sight.
  • Stock your fridge, freezer and pantry with healthy fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins.
  • Declutter your kitchen. Excess appliances, containers without lids, etc. should be removed.  The less items you have in your kitchen, the easier it is to keep it clean.


Practice Portion Control

The core of the Portion Control Diet is to eat 3 balanced meals per day.  This ensures you get all the nutrients your body needs so that you can avoid out of control cravings.  It’s also the right approach for teaching kids about healthy eating.  Read, The Ultimate Guide to Portion Control here. Our bodies need protein, grains, fruits, and veggies every day to perform it’s best.   With three scheduled, intentional meals, at a table and limiting snacks to once per day, you will minimize mindless eating and stay on track.  More on why avoiding snacks altogether can help you lose weight here.

steps to practice portion control

  • Eat a protein, grain, veggie, and fruit at every single meal.
  • Create an end of meal ritual to avoid grazing after your meal is over.
  • Use a portion plate to stay on track.  Check out my plates here.


Stay on Track

The Portion Control Diet, while simple, isn’t always easy. Daily recommitting is necessary in our overindulgent, highly palatable food culture.  There are temptations to overeat everywhere you go. To stay on track, some mental work has to be done! Understanding WHY you want a healthier life is the first step. (Read How Do Discover Your Why here)

Behaviors that benefit your goals

  • Know your Why.  
  • Exercise Daily
  • Move after your final meal of the day.
  • Keep a journal
Amy Roskelley owner of health beet

How you’ll feel

Practicing portion control can help you feel light, productive, in control of your life, energized, and healthy!  This simple practice, bringing awareness and mindfulness to the amount of food we are consuming can have a huge impact on our future, and the future of our kids!

​End overeating, take control of your life, and lose weight for good!

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