10 Ways Portion Control Plates Can Help You Lose Weight


It’s true! Research has shown, portion control plates are effective for weight loss. {see Portion control plates vs. Dinner plates}. And, it’s not just about eating fewer calories, although it’s a pretty big part of it!. But, what we’ve found in addition to eating less, portion control plates also offer guidance and motivation! They can truly help you change behavior and stick with it, in a simple, manageable, and not-stressful way! The ways nutrition plates can help with weight loss When you decide you are going to use a portion control plate to help curb your appetite, eat less, and […]

Classic Creamy Potato Cheese Soup


Our Sunday Dinner idea for a crowd! This creamy potato cheese soups makes about 7 quarts of soup (24-26 cups) and is always a favorite with my family. We had 8 people for dinner last night for my son’s 21st birthday, and this was the meal he requested. We serve the soup with 5 Minute artisan bread and it makes plenty. Where this recipe for creamy potato soup came from! I remember it so vividly. I was working for a call center for Compaq computers in 1996. We had a team party and my supervisor brought this creamy potato soup. […]

19 Ideas for Shredded Chicken


About the only foods I like to ‘prep’ anymore is chicken and hard boiled eggs. Maybe other people are a lot busier than me, but it feels lately like saving 5 minutes to cut veggies ahead of time, just isn’t worth it anymore. But, because I do have 3 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken thighs in the instant pot right now (with just some salt and a small amount of water), I decided to make a quick list of things I would make with my cooked shredded chicken! Boneless skinless chicken thighs are our favorite meat to cook and shred […]

Light and Simple Pea Salad Recipe

Light and simple, this pea salad recipe is a great side when you need to balance dinner with a veggie. On Sunday nights we’ve invited our kids who just left for college back home for dinner! They didn’t go far, but they are busy so we never see them. We also tell them they can bring a friend to dinner. My son always brings his roommate (we’re hoping one day he brings home a girl.. haha!!). But last night, our daughter brought an entire apartment of boys! So, we had 10 people for dinner. I always try to provide a […]

Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe with Zucchini

healthy carrot cake recipe H

Lower in fat and calories, and boosted with extra zucchini, you’ll want to bookmark this healthy carrot cake! There are probably a million ways to make a healthy carrot cake. I’ve seen recipes that include applesauce, Greek yogurt, whole wheat flour and more. One of my favorite past times is looking through cookbooks. I love bringing them home from the library, from the thrift store, or anywhere I can get my hands on them. Of all the things I collect, cookbooks are high on my list of things I couldn’t imagine giving away…even though so many recipes are online now. […]

Best Low Calorie Meringue Cookies


Delicious meringue cookies for only 35 calories each! These delicious meringue cookies really hit the spot when you want something sweet, without overeating or ruining your weight loss goals. With only 35 calories each, they are the perfect indulgence. Top with Greek yogurt and fruit for extra flavor. What I’ve learned in making meringue. – be patient. I’ve been known to use a handheld mixer and mixed for almost 30 minutes! You’ve got to keep it going until stiff peaks form. – Use a small bowl. A big bowl makes the mixing take longer. – Use egg whites at room […]

5 Ways to Control Portions While Snacking

plate and portion control 5

You will always eat more food when you try snacking from a bag or a box. Instead, sitting down to your snack, at the table with a plate, and balancing all the food groups will turn snacking from a mindless event, to one that supports your nutrition goals. Portion control can be achieved even at snack time. While I’ve written plenty of articles about why snacking ruins your weight loss goals, you can eat between meals (call it a snack if you want) if you do it right! The following tips will allow you that mid-day meal without overeating. How […]

Low Calorie Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps


Traditional chicken salad recipe, made lighter! This still tastes as good as the original, with a fraction of the calories. Add a leaf of lettuce instead of eating your chicken salad on bread and save massive calories. Many people like to use yogurt in place of the mayo to lighten up a chicken salad. I prefer light mayo to keep the flavor the same! To me, the difference between light mayo and the full calorie variety is not that different. I like to make the chicken salad ahead of time and store it in the fridge to eat all week. […]

I lost 7 lbs in 7 Days with Bright Line Eating

I have photos, recipes, and the nutrition data for all the meals I ate for 7 days to lose 7 lbs on the Bright Line Eating program Bright Line Eating is a diet book written for people who suffer from overeating and who feel out of control around food. Like other addictions, the reward of food is so strong that it’s difficult to say no to a favorite food or a binge. The Bright Line Eating program acknowledges not everyone who consumes sugar and flour is addicted, but those who are will find it easier to avoid overeating if they […]

Simple Crepe Recipe


Mmmmm. Enjoy some crepes today with strawberries, blueberries and cream! This simple crepe recipe is all you need Crepes are easier to make than you think. Dress them up or dress them down, either way these crepes will not disappoint.

Homemade Cinnamon Protein Donut Recipe


With 30 calories each, this protein donut recipe is quick and easy K- do you have a Toaster oven yet?? Because these mini donuts cooked in about 4 minutes in the toaster oven and I’m kind of obsessed!But, onto the DONUTS!  I made these mini donuts with a mini donut pan I grabbed at Hobby Lobby (similar to this one on Amazon). It fit perfectly in my Toaster oven, which is why I bought it. Then, I mixed Kodiak mix with cinnamon, oil and the Monk Sweetener I found at Costco, and baked them. You can of course do this […]