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3 Ways to Make Zoodles

Replace zoodles for noodles and save 183 calories per serving! Yesterday I went to our local NBC studio to talk about Zoodles! Zoodles (or spiralized zucchini) is a great substitute for regular noodles! I like to use them because I can spend more calories on the yummier things like butter, cheese, sauces, and meat! (Watch my segment here) 3 Reasons to add zoodles to your summer: Zoodles are low in calories (200 calories vs. 17 calories) I love this because you can add more delicious food on top for the calories, without compromising satiety or taste. Zoodles are high in […]

High Protein Chocolate Fruit Dip

Quick and delicious, this chocolate fruit dip is a great source of protein, yet low in calories! The nutrition info for this High protein Low Calorie Chocolate Fruit Dip 🍫✔️1 tablespoon cocoa powder (25 calories)✔️1/2 teaspoon Vanilla extract (6 calories)✔️1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt (50 calories)✔️1 tsp honey (21 calories) 

Best Low Calorie Tortilla

There are so many products on the market for tortillas, and some of them are crazy high in calories! But, I’ve found my favorites, because I love wraps and egg burritos. So, the best tortillas that I’ve found, for the least amount of calories are below. (please share yours too in the comments!) From low carb, to low fat, to low calorie, there is a tortilla for everyone. The interesting thing in looking at calories on packages of tortillas is that most promoted as “low carb” are also low in calories. It just must not be trendy to advertise low […]


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4 Portion Control Plates That Get Results

Whether your goal is weight loss, better health, or disease management, portion control plates can impact behavior change and help you see results. We all have great intentions to eat better, eat less, and control our portions. But when it’s meal time and we’re famished, anything on our plate if fair game! Bread? Give me 3. Cheese? Drown my pasta with it please! All of that changed when I started using portion control plates. Studies show, if you double the amount of food on your plate, you will unknowingly eat 35% more food than if you had a modest portion. […]

7 Portion Control Handouts to Put on Your Fridge

If you need a reminder to stick with your portion control plan, check out these portion control handouts! Our busy, distracted lives makes it difficult to pay attention to our food. Worse, it makes it difficult to pay attention to the amount of food we are consuming, especially when we are multi-tasking. Having reminders, like portion control handouts taped to your fridge can help you be more mindful of your meals and not consistently overeat. The Ultimate Guide to Portion Control states, “Controlling your portions could be your answer to losing weight”. Below are 7 printables or handouts that you […]

Ultimate Guide to Portion Control

What you should know about portion control and how to make it work for weight loss. You’ve probably come to the conclusion that controlling your portions could be the answer to losing weight. I can tell you, it most definitely is the answer! If you’ve ever eaten more than one bowl of cereal, dished yourself up a pint of ice cream, or put your hand multiple times into a bag of chips, you probably know why you aren’t losing weight. The portion control approach to weight loss just makes sense! As human beings, we should be able to eat a […]