This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Sarah K of Utah for being our 2019 winner!

$1500 Portion Control Transformation Challenge

Over the past decade I’ve identified subtle changes in food culture that has left 2.1 Billion people worldwide obese! My answer to the explosion of portions is my Portion Control Diet Plates. They have helped thousands of people reverse the weight gain and take control of their health, and I want to share all the  success stories from those who use this method with their families to achieve their healthiest weight!

Who is this challenge for?

Besides being $1500 richer, this challenge is for you if you are ready to make a change to your environment in a way that will make it effortless to achieve a healthy weight? Are you ready to eat better, with your family and loved ones joining you for the journey?

  • ​You’ve tried to lose weight using willpower, and it didn’t work.
  • ​You hate feeling out of control.
  • ​You want to learn how to update your environment to support effortless weight loss.
  • ​Your entire family could benefit from finding your healthiest weight (Kids too!)

How to join the challenge

I’m so excited to share the Portion Control Movement and how my plates help you stick with your goals.  But, I need your success stories to do it!

  • Share your transformation story with me before the end of the year of how you or your family got closer to your healthiest weight by using the portion control plates.
  • Live in the US or Canada
  • Submit a photo of a meal on one of our portion plates.
  • That’s it!

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MyPlate Divided Kids Portion Control Plate

Choose MyPlate Portion Control Plate for Adults

Healthy Habits Divided Kids Portion Control Plate

Official Rules and Regulations

Timelines/ Deadline

How you are judged

Judging will commence on January 1st  with a 3rd party committee. Friends and family of the judging committee are not eligible for the winning prize.  Award will be based on clarity and depth of the essay, and the inspiring nature of the transformation. The likelihood of winning will be based on the number of entries. The winner will be announced on this page, and through the Health Beet Email list on January 15th, 2020 and no later.

Contest open to the US only.

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