Using Stations, Centers, and Rotations in PE class


Here is an example of how I used PE rotations to have fun with my students in PE. They learned to play straddle ball & practiced their skills.

A popular day in my PE class is when we do “PE centers” (or rotation stations).

Because many classroom teachers use centers as a way to teach small groups, the students are familiar with rotating through different stations and like seeing it in a PE setting.  And they love the variety.

I find it a good way to mix in favorites with something new or a skill I want to work on.

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How To Use PE Rotations – Straddle ball

Here is an example of how I used centers this week with my first and second grade classes:

We have been working on the skill of dribbling a ball, as well as bouncing and catching.  I had taught lessons the previous 2 weeks focusing on these skills.

Today I began class by teaching them the game of straddle ball.  I let them play the game for about 5 minutes with the class divided into 3 groups. While they were playing I set up 3 stations. Our 3 centers were:

  1. Dribbling practice
  2. Straddle ball
  3. Shooting

Station 1: For station one I threw down about 12 poly spots. Students had to stand on a spot and dribble 10 times, then move to another spot and repeat. When they hit 100 dribbles they come and give me a high five and then try to get to 200, etc. We’d played this game the week before so they were familiar with it and needed no explanation. This was the station where I focused my time to help those that were still struggling with dribbling with one hand only.

Station 2: This station was just continuing the game I’d just taught. They were loving that game so it gave them more time to play, but also broke things up to keep it from getting too wild (as games often do if they go too long).

Station 3: This last station was very informal. I set up two small, portable, shorter hoops that I have in the same area and the standard level wall mount hoop. I gave no formal instruction and just let them experiment. My students are always begging to use my small hoops so it gave them that opportunity.

I played music and stopped it when it was time to rotate stations.  I was able to focus on the dribbling skill with a small number of students.  They always love it when we do centers.

I use them with all grade levels periodically with as few as 3 centers and as many as 12.  Usually it is a formal rotation as I’ve described, but I also sometimes let them choose and move through stations at their own pace.

In my experience, PE rotations have been really great to use with my students. While they can take a second to set up, they are good for providing variety. If you have a clear way to help signal to rotate, it works great!

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