PE Lesson Plan – Warm Up Circuits


Doing a PE warm-up circuit has never been easier. Here are the materials, instructions, and tips to help your students enjoy the class.

As someone who has been teaching PE class for a long time, I know all too well the importance of having a warm-up activity for the kids. In this post, I will share with you one of my favorite warm-up activities: circuits! We will go through the materials needed, the exercise process, and more.

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What you’ll need for this PE warm-up activity

  • a big, open area (preferably a gym class)
  • 10-12 cones, set up in a large circle
  • 10-12 labels (These can be sticky notes or small pieces of paper that you tape to the cones)
  • 1 writing utensil
  • small timer or music (to signal to move on to the next cone)

How to set it up for your PE Class

Before your students arrive, you will want to create a label to go on each of the cones. To create the label, simply choose an exercise and write it on the label. While you could have repeat exercises, I think it’s best to have at least 6-8 different exercises for the labels.

Next, attach each of the labels to a cone. You could use tape, sticky tack, or another adhesive. I typically have tape on hand, so that’s my go-to.

Once all of the cones have been labeled, set them up in a big circle shape. After you have put the cones out, you can get ready to greet your class!

Kids and this Warm-up Circuits Activity

I have been doing more circuit work this year and the kids really like it.  Warm-up circuits are great because they give my students some autonomy (they choose where to start), are fast paced, and get everyone moving.

 When my students enter on circuit day, they see the 10-12 cones set up in a big circle.  They can choose where they start, but I give a limit to how many can be at one cone (usually 3-4 students per cone).  Each cone is labeled with an exercise.

As the PE students move around the circle they should be alternating between a stretch, a cardio exercise, and a strength exercise.  For example, calf stretch – jumping jacks – plank.  

Once the students have chosen their beginning cone, I give a start signal.  Every 30 seconds I give the signal to move to the next cone.  Use a timer or music with interval breaks to keep consistency on the time.  

While the timer or music is going, I walk around and correct their form as much as I can.  

When students have gone all the way around the circle, warm-up is done!  My students look forward to circuit day, and they always work hard.

Since I am a PE teacher, I am always coming up with new activities and games to share with my kids. Come back for more PE/health educator content! And don’t miss the other great recipes, weight loss tips, meal plans, and more on this website!

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