Teaching Young Kids about Spatial Awareness in PE


Young kids can struggle with understanding personal boundaries and spatial awareness. This PE activity can help them learn to be self aware!

Working with students is awesome, but each age range comes with its own set of challenges!

I’ve found that little kids, particularly my Kindergarten classes, don’t really understand the concept of personal space.

This can make things a little difficult in PE class especially since I don’t want them running into one another and getting hurt. I want my students to be happy, healthy, and safe.

Because of this, I came up with a way to help my young students practice their spatial awareness in class.

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How to Practice Spatial Awareness with Kindergartners

One of my main objectives with my kindergarten classes is to teach them spatial awareness and control. We do a lot of games that have them moving around the gym in random patterns trying to keep them from “popping bubbles”.  

Today while we were playing I told them that if the popped someone’s bubble (ran into someone),  they had to come to a certain location and sit for 5 seconds and then rejoin the game.

I couldn’t believe how well it worked!  

They all tried so much harder to stay in their own space. Their concentration was adorable!

They were also very honest about sitting out for the 5 seconds when contact occurred. I made sure to thank them for their honesty and then sent them back into the game once their time was up.

If you’re struggling with spatial awareness with your younger students, definitely give this idea a try!

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