Women over 40ish Weight Loss Challenge with Dietbet {September 2022}

Get paid to lose weight!

I’m hosting a 4 week weight loss challenge starting September 2022.

For everyone that participates, I’ll be sharing my best weight loss tips, strategies, recipes, meal ideas, printables and more inside the challenge.

(and disclaimer, you don’t actually have to be over 40. I just wanted to have a general population of like minded ladies!)

Here’s what a Dietbet Challenge is:

  • Sign up with a bet of $35 that you will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.
  • Lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks
  • Split the pot with all the challenge participants who met their goal.
  • Cash out the money.

(Click here to see specific details on how Dietbet works, such as how they verify your weight, etc)

I’ve participated in 5 rounds of Dietbet challenges in the last 5 or 6 years. And each time, putting money on the line helped me meet my fat loss goal and I got all my money back.

Why join my Dietbet challenge?

  • I’ll be sharing mindset, meals, movement, and motivation.
  • You’ll kickstart your weight loss efforts for the fall
  • Printables, freebies, recipes, journal prompts, and more!
  • You’ll have a group of women who are going through the same challenges! This first Dietbet I’m keeping it to women over 40! I think this will create a safe, nurturing, and judgement free space for you to share with other women.

The Women over 40 Weight Loss Challenge guidelines!

While you are welcome to follow any program to lose 4% body weight, these are the steps that have worked for me, and that I continue to recommend to others on the same path:

  • Work on your mindset: Did you eat impulsively rather than intentionally? Why? What did your brain tell you that talked you into it?
  • Meals: 4 meals per day, and no snacking between meals.
  • Record all your food in a food tracking app (ALL OF IT)
  • Exercise daily! Even on rest days, walk, have a step goal, or do something active.

PRO TIP: It will automatically add $5 for you to become a member that you have to manually remove. You do NOT need to be a member to participate. Find the “remove” button at check out.

Disclosure: I do get compensated for hosting this challenge! Dietbet splits a portion of the pot with me as a host!

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Dietbet weight loss challenge women over 40- join us and lose weight once and for all


  1. I am on the fence. What would make me jump to the right side? I have been struggling and feel meal planning would really help.

    1. This challenge isn’t a specific diet. You can follow any program you like.
      I personally count calories and macros, and I’m menopausal! So, even though it’s harder, it’s definitely possible!

    1. Hi Nicole! Inside the challenge is a social board where I’ll be sharing recipes, meal ideas, motivation, etc. But, it’s just like Facebook where everyo0ne can post, share, comment, like, etc.  It’s pretty cool.Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like
      I hope you join us!Amy Roskelley

  2. Hi I think I am going to join. How long did it take for the lady in the photo to lose weight? And was she in 1,200 calories?

    1. That lady is me!!!

      That took me 6 months. It was about January 2020 to June 2020.

      And yes, I was eating 1200 calories almost the entire time.

      Hope you join us!
      Amy Roskelley

  3. Hi, I am thinking about joining the 4 week challenge, but I would like to eat according to BLE, and follow a 3 meals a day routine. Can I still participate? Love, Janne

  4. Hi! How picky are you on the “over 40”? I’ll be 40 in two months. My metabolic age is 46 though, does that work for this challenge?

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