Heidi Powell Interview at Fitcon Her {5 Tips for Breaking through a Plateau}


I was thrilled to be able to sit down with fitness icon Heidi Powell at Fitcon Her this past weekend. Heidi was 100% as genuine, kind, and inspiring as I imagined she would be.

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About Heidi

Heidi Powell is a mom, a fitness expert, TV trainer from the ABC show Extreme Weight Loss and creator of the Transform App, a resource for workouts and meal plans to help you reach your goals.

Heidi’s tips for hitting a plateau

The biggest thing I wanted to learn from Heidi is how she helps people who have been following a plan, but they hit a plateau. This can be so frustrating for those of you trying to reach your goals and feeling stuck. Here’s a breakdown of Heidi’s Tips

  1. Measure your food. If you are honestly following a good, solid plan, yet you moved from measuring your food to eye-balling it, you must go back to measuring. Our estimates of the quantity of food we are actually eating can be way off.
  2. Drink more water. Are you really drinking enough water to increase metabolism and satiation? Water is extremely helpful in both of those.
  3. Be honest about your workouts. Are you working out as hard as you need to? Are you just getting through a workout without the necessary exertion?
  4. Choose one small diet tweak and watch for results. Try a subtle increase to eat higher carb on one day or a week, or higher calorie for a week to reset your body.
  5. Choose a small tweak in your workout using the FITT principle. Choose to change your F (Frequency I (Intensity) T (Time) or T (Type) of workout.

Final thoughts

Heidi had a great perspective about competing and life. When she competed in a fitness competition was critically judged for her body, she was grateful for it. She said, “I like being kicked down once in awhile. It makes me work harder!”. I love that perspective and I’m a huge fan of Heidi Powell. Check her out on Instagram and her site here.

About Fitcon Her

Fitcon Her was such a fun addition to Fitcon. Informative panels like one about Macro’s with Heidi, pampering stations, and vendors with new and AMAZING products were everywhere. Not to mention, the competitions and entertainment was so inspiring. I loved seeing women on stage that have worked so hard to reach their goals and then brave enough to show their hard work to the rest of us. I’ll definitely be back next year!

5 weight loss pleateau hacks with heidi powell

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