How I Stayed Motivated to Lose 20lbs

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Without motivation to stay on your diet and reach your weight loss goals, it’s so easy to give up. Here’s how I stayed motivated long enough to lose 20lbs, and how you can too!

At 46 years old, I lost 20lbs from January 1 2020 to June 3 2020. (read that full story here). During those 6 months I had more discipline and motivation that I have ever had in my life! It even surprised me that I could stick something for 6 months.

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Check out the video for the strategies I used to make it happen!

  1. Have a strong reason why
  2. Believe it’s possible
  3. Disconnect yourself from the daily results
  4. Be OK with it being hard
  5. Seeing progress/momentum
  6. Visualize the finish line
  7. Don’t get overwhelmed
  8. Make the process personal
  9. Decide it’s not that hard
  10. Have some accountability
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  1. Omg! I do not like to eat breakfast and some lifters say eating in the morning is not a big deal others say it is, what say you?

    1. I think it isn’t necessary to eat before a workout, unless it’s some fast acting carbs and you’re low on energy. Otherwise, I believe it’s more important to focus on proper fuel the day before, because by morning that food will be digested and ready to be put to work! Our body is really good at using the energy it needs whenever it gets food.

  2. I am 52 I sent you an email because I am ready. 165lbs and I want my 150lb body back. Can you help me?

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