PE Lesson Plans: Halloween Scooter Game


I love doing themed PE lessons and games around the holidays. In the fall, try this Halloween scooter game with your kids. They’ll love it!

Halloween is just around the corner and we like to celebrate a bit in PE.  My younger classes absolutely love this scooter game we call “ghosts in the graveyard”.  They are already asking if we will be playing it for Halloween this year!

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How to Play this Halloween Scooter Game


Here is the equipment/set up you’ll need:

  •  about 6 tall cones to mark teams
  • 1 scooter per team
  • 20+ small or rounded cones
  • 2 “ghosts” (I just copied and laminated a clip art)
  • spooky music

The good news is, you only need a few items to make this game happen. And most schools have these items.

Really the only equipment for the Halloween scooter game that will take effort from you is making the 12 “ghosts”.

Game Instructions

Divide your class into small teams of 4-6 players.  Teams should line up on one side of the play area.  On the opposite side, scatter the round cones.  This is your “graveyard”.

 Hide ghosts randomly under the cones or “tombstones”.  On signal (music starting), one person from each team will ride the scooter down and check under ONE cone.  If they find a ghost they bring it back with them.  Otherwise, they just scooter back.  Hand the scooter to the next person and repeat.  

I usually play the length of one song. Another options is to count the ghosts as they are found and quit when they have all been collected.  

Once the music has finished, count up the ghosts. Whichever team gathered the most wins!

To start a new round of the Halloween scooter game, have a few students help hide them again.  After they have been hidden, I have all my students close their eyes while I mix things up so no one knows where they are.  Repeat and repeat.  

You don’t have to keep score but I just let them count and declare a winner each round. Typically, they like to get a little competitive.

And that’s it for the Halloween scooter game. It is simple and really fun for the kids! If you try it out, let me know how your kids liked it!

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