Low Calorie Layered Raspberry Jello Dessert


If you need a low calorie dessert for a party, for dinner guests, or even just for yourself, you’re going to want this low calorie layered Raspberry Jello Dessert!

Low calorie jello dessert

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During this diet for the NPC stage (IN 4 WEEKS!!), I’ve been eating a lot of sugar-free Jello! With only 10 calories per serving, it’s such a yummy way to end a meal.

Marking the end of a meal can be beneficial if you are practicing portion control. The meal is over, yet you suffer from the mindset of “if I could only eat one more thing, I’ll be satisfied”. Until you continue grazing through till your next meal. (Check this post for ‘how to stop eating after a meal’)

So, I like meal enders, and Jello has been a life saver during this prep!

As with all the other foods I’m eating right now (mostly chicken, eggs, and sweet potatoes), I’ve got to mix it up.

So, I made some delicious Raspberry Layered Dessert, with packages of Sugar-Free Jello, to really take the calories down! In fact, you can save 125 calories per serving by choosing the Sugar-Free Jello over the regular Jello.

How to make the layers in this Jello Dessert

I’ve seen people create layered Jello desserts before, and sometimes they are super fancy! Which is why I haven’t tried it before. But, although this Jello dessert looks like it has 4 layers, It really only took two. Let me explain.

  • The first layer is just the Jello, made just by following the package, except with one cup less of water. I add 2 cups of boiling water to the packet of Jello powder (the large, 8 serving size box!). Then, the box says to add 2 cups of cold water, but I only add 1 cup, because I like the Jello thicker, rather than runnier. Chill this in the fridge for 4-6 hours or overnight!
  • While the first layer is chilling, I make the second layer in a bowl, with the exact same measurements. Except, this I leave on the counter in liquid form, so it doesn’t “set up”. When the first layer is set, I add 1 cup of light whipped topping to the bowl of liquid Jello and whisk until it looks creamy.
  • Then, pour the second creamy layer on top of the first layer. For me, once I returned it to the fridge, the second layer actually separated, giving the appearance of a third layer!
  • After that second layer is chilled, it’s finished! Just top it with your second cup of light whipped topping.
  • Finish off with fresh raspberries!

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raspberry layered dessert low calorie


  1. 5 stars
    I have friends and family that are Diabetic and I make this for them, of course we all know it’s good for us as well. But….. bottom line; it is TASTY. No one would know it’s low calorie if ya didn’t tell ’em!

  2. Iā€™m am going to try and double this. My question is, is there no raspberries in the first layer? In the picture it looks like it.

    1. Hi Mary! What kind of dish or jello mold are you using? Looking for suggestions as I am going to make this for Christmas. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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