Meal Prep In an Instant {Book Review}

Imagine a book that gives you 7 weeks of meal plans, with the step by step prep you need to shop for and make all the meals. And to top it off, it’s all done in an instant pot!

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I LOVE this new book by Becca Ludlum from the blog, My Crazy Good Life. on how to prep your meals once a week, all in the Instant Pot. The new book, Meal Prep in an Instant, has 56 recipes, and 7 weeks of meal plans with the shopping list and instructions you need to make all the meals. I couldn’t decide which week, or which recipes to try first.

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What I love about Meal Prep in an Instant

  • Several pages about making meal prep work for you. Whether you choose to use the instant pot, or not, learning how to meal prep from Becca is invaluable.
  • Becca’s system simplified: Prep. Cook. Then Refrigerate or Freeze. And she gives you every step to make it happen.
  • Customization– you can do the full week of meal prep, and be ready for an entire week with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or you could keep things simple and just prep one of the meals, and eat it all week. Or just the dinners. Or just breakfast.
  • Instant Pot 101. If you are new to the instant pot, page 20-21 teaches you everything you need to know about cooking in the Instant Pot. This includes the liquids, adjusting cooking times, thawed vs frozen ingredients, preventing burns, etc.
  • And perhaps one of my favorite sections is the “healthy ingredients and swaps” . Becca uses brown rice, coconut aminos, whole wheat pasta, and natural sweeteners.
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When I first opened the book, I noticed on week 3, the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowls. It had chicken, broccoli, and quinoa- all ingredients I had already. So, instead of going to the store to do the full week, I just made the recipe for Honey Garlic Chicken bowls, and I ate it for lunch all week long! It turned out so yummy!!

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I didn’t need to freeze these meals, because I knew I’d eat them each day for four days. So, I kept them in the fridge and put a little mini label on them so I would remember what it was.

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Don’t hesitate to grab this book, Meal Prep in an Instant by Becca Ludlum, anywhere books are sold. You won’t regret adding this to your cookbook collection.

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