My Weight Loss Manifesto


A manifesto is a public declaration of intentions, motives, and views. (wikipedia) This is my personal declaration of intentions, motives and views in relation to my weight loss journey.

I love science, but for this article, I’m throwing science out the window and simply writing what has worked for me, how I have been able to lose weight in the past, and what my plans are for the future.

Rather than an article, this is going to be my thoughts and ideas about my own struggles over portion control. I need to have on record what is working right now, because I know a few months from now I’ll need to return to it and remember.

I choose to live my best, healthiest life through my thoughts and actions.

Amy Roskelley, Health Beet

10 weight loss practices that has brought me success

1) Practicing Portion Control Is a Daily Commitment

This must be number one. The slippery slope of falling into old habits is strong in my journey. I’ll be very committed, full of strength and resolve for months. And then one day at a time, I let one thing slide. “It’s not a big deal to not track my food today,” I say. One treat here, one treat there, until I’m in full overeating again.

2) I End Each Day with Accountability

When times are good, a journal or planner is sufficient for my accountability. However, when I’m struggle to stay in control, accountability to someone else (my husband, sister, friend or my coach) is necessary. Accountability for me means tracking my food with complete honesty, and letting someone else see it.

3) I Pause Between Desire to Eat and Eating

As Victor Frankl eloquently said: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

If I choose to eat, I will use the pause to decide the reason I’m eating. Even if it’s a “yes, I want that sleeve of Oreo’s right now because I’m stressed and mad, and it’s the only thing that is going to help me feel better.” I can eat it. But in that pause, tell myself it actually won’t change my circumstances or mood and it will take me further from my goals.The practice to pause has great power.

4) I Shorten My Eating Window to 8 Hours Per Day

The earlier I start eating in the day, the more food I eat. The later in the day I eat, the more food I eat. Perfect meal timing for me is 10am-6pm. No earlier, no later. This gives my body a daily fast of 16 hours, that is easy to stick to.

5) I Eat Protein and Carbs at Every Meal.

To keep my meals in balance, achieve satiety, and control blood sugar and insulin, I need balanced meals. Therefore, I try to eat a protein plus a carb with each meal. With insulin steady, hunger and appetite are squashed. Carbs are easy to eat, protein requires intention.

6) I Drink Water Before Diet Coke

Haha.. Probably not a lot needs to be said about this, except it’s my own kryptonite. But the policy stands to drink water before drinking something more indulgent that you really want.

7) I Reach 20K Steps Per Day.

A personal goal because 20K steps is a baseline for me. I’m very active, and love to run. Most days are over 20K without trying much, but I know the days I’m under feels unproductive to me. (This is my current step tracker)

8) Snacking is a Bright Line Behavior.

When I identify a non-negotiable behavior, it’s much easier to stay compliant. The book, Bright Line Eating had a big impact on me, because I can see things in my own life that I don’t negotiate. Like hot dogs. Hot dogs for me is a bright line. I decided to never eat them, and I am not even tempted by them. I haven’t eaten a hot dog in 30 years. My choice to make snacking a Bright Line has had a massive impact on my ability to control my eating. With no snacks, I KNOW I can stick to my goals.

9) I Actively Break Impulsive Behavior by Not Reinforcing It.

Impulse control is the ability to feel an urge to do eat something and NOT act on it. When you act, the impulse is reinforced and leads to habits. The more often you don’t reward the impulse, the weaker the habit becomes. THIS is control! When it comes to portion control do not act on impulses to create a weak response.

10) I Accept This as a Long Game, and Find Joy in the Process Instead of the Result.

I often joke that my life is a marathon. My business pursuits.. a marathon! I’ve never had an overnight home run. My business goals take years and years to realize. My fitness journey is the same. I love actual marathons. You can’t train for those over night. Weight loss, is a marathon. Nothing happens quickly. Once deciding that I’m in this for the long term, literally for life, I can sit back and find how to enjoy the journey. I did decide that I LIKE tracking food, and that I want to track food for life. Choosing to enjoy the process rather than the results is life changing!

If these resonated with you, print it here!

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What weight loss or portion control guidelines would you add to this list?

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