New 10 lb Weight Loss Plan {2023}

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I’ve decided I’m an “all in” or “all out” type of girl. I am either committed to actively losing weight, or I stop tracking my food and my workouts get lazy until my clothes are too tight to wear.

That’s where I find myself today! In fact, I wrote this exact same post 1 year ago this month. However, November 2023 I’m now 4 lbs up from that “high weight” of November 2022. And, from reading my posts from last year, it actually took me 6 months to get that 10lbs off. Seems unfair. So, why do I let myself get back to this weight every fall?

My NEW GOAL is to get these (now 14lbs) off again, but this time to not transition to being lazy and hope I can find my maintenance. I don’t know why I think I can keep the weight off while NOT tracking my food. If I have to track my food indefinitely, I’ve told myself that’s OK. I actually don’t mind tracking food. It’s all the untrackable meals (holidays, camping, eating out, etc.) that trigger my lack of tracking. And once I’ve eaten so many meals without tracking, it takes so long to get back into it again. Why? I don’t know!

The truth is, I LIKE having a weight loss goal and actively working towards it. It gives me structure to my meals, and intentions for my workouts. No goal (which is how I view maintenance for the most part), makes it difficult to stay motivated.

I also like blogging about my experience. On online diary about weight loss for me not only uncovers my thoughts, excuses, and struggles, but it also captures what’s working for me so I can go back and re-gain some of that motivation, meal plans, recipes, and workouts!

And as I said in my April 2023 post when I lost 10lbs earlier this year, “Unless I’m tracking, when I think I’m in a calorie deficit, I’m really not. Naturally, being a lover of food, I will always push the limits of what I think is the right amount.

So, here we go again. I know there are probably zero people reading blogs like in the old days, which is why I’m doing it just for me anyway!

Some things I LOVE about being my “ideal weight”.

  • I love putting clothes on in the morning! When everything fits, and nothing feels tight or hangs awkwardly, I’m in such a good mood!
  • I have more confidence. I really do. Experts will tell you that you should have confidence at any size. But I will say from experience, my confidence soars when I feel good about my size.
  • I don’t hide from pictures and videos. I rarely take photos of myself, but when I do, I don’t want to look at the pictures and not recognize myself.
  • I feel physically better when I eat the proper amount of food. Overeating makes me tired, lethargic, cranky, and unmotivated.
  • And finally, I like running better when I’m under 110lbs. Running IS Easier! I can run faster!

Here are the excuses I’ve been noticing are coming up for me in how I justify multiple spoonful’s of peanut butter, sleeve’s of Ritz Crackers, or 3 tortillas for an after “breakfast snack”.

  • Excuse #1: I don’t really want to lose weight any more. I’d rather just stay where I am and eat whatever I want (which is a lie.. because I really DO want to lose weight, and I feel CRAPPY eating whatever I want).
  • Excuse #2One more tortilla isn’t going to keep me from my weight loss goals. I’ve eaten tortillas before and reached my goal. The tortilla isn’t the problem.” Truth PLUS lies here. The tortilla isn’t the problem . The problem is craving a tortilla, despite already eating three tortillas. That’s the problem.
  • Excuse #3I need to get organized and finalize a plan before I start.” Lie! I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I have a plan. I freaking SELL the plan. What I need to do is start DOING The damn plan.

The 2023 10 lb plan

While I know what to do to lose weight (keep my calories at 1200-1500 and my protein above 125g per day), I have been making food decisions on the fly for far too long. So, my first step is to write down my food plan. But more than that, If I add the daily plan to MyFitnessPal before the day starts, I am pretty good at executing what’s on the plan!

When I write the plan the night before, then I know if I should stop at the grocery store on the way home from the gym. I won’t get derailed by not having the right food.

So, here’s the plan! For what it’s worth- It’s the SAME plan that I sell in a 1200 calorie version and a 1500 calorie version here. The difference is, I developed 240 different recipes for the plan I sell, whereas this is just the template! (PRINT HERE!)

10 lb high protein low calorie weight loss printable pdf

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And for my workouts- I need to program a training plan into my Garmin. It’s actually VERY cool how you can program a garmin, so you can follow it during your run. When I have it programmed, I’ll DO the program, whether I feel like it or not.

When I don’t have it programmed, I just run however long I feel like that day, which lately has been not a lot! So, tomorrow, I’ll write my workout plan as a new post..

I’m SOOO Ready to get this started! And, I need accountability to myself via this online journal. SO, here we go! Expect a LOT more articles! (after I go out to eat ONE MORE TIME! My husband is taking me out for a birthday dinner and a show tonight. …so, of course I’m gonna start tomorrow. LOL

10 lb weight loss plan printable pdf


  1. You are so relatable. I laughed reading your excuses because I say the exact same things. Right down to the spoonfuls of peanut butter! Lol Thank you for your meal plans. Yours are the only ones I have ever been able to stick to with my budget and time. And I lose weight consistently when I actually stick to it.

  2. Hi Amy. Thanks for being so transparent about your journey. It’s refreshing to see someone actively reflecting on their experiences. Setting a new goal and embracing the idea of tracking as a tool for success is a wise approach. Your commitment to blogging not only benefits you but creates a supportive space for others on similar paths. Best of luck on your weight loss journey.

  3. Impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of your 10LB weight loss plan—keep it up! Your valuable insights are a great resource for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks Amy. I sent this to my step daughter, my partner in health and fitness, and asked her if she wrote this. lol She has said those same words about tracking. And she’s killing it!
    I track in MFP, until I don’t. Meaning if I decide to have a drink or if dinner is to complicated to track, I just say forget I’m close enough to goal to be that concerned. Then we all know how that escalates.
    I’m going to hit 62 in January and I’d love to build more muscle and just lean out a bit. I’m small so I make excuses that I just keep staying the same because of age. It just seems like I workout harder, eat less and don’t move. I get so hungry and tired. idk
    Anyway, I’m going to “make my plan, work my plan” (Dad quote) and see if I can make some changes before my daughters 30th Mexico trip in April of 2024.
    Thanks for blogging!

    1. Brenda!! I love that you guys can relate! Haha. And, I love that you have a daughter to partner with so you can both stay accountable.  You hit the nail on the head for me about tracking till dinner and then figuring you are close to your goal so you don’t.  I do that almost EVERY DAY.  And it is exactly what got me into trouble to begin with.  I’m pretty capable of Doubling my daily calories in one meal if I don’t track.  It’s just to easy to over do it.
      April 2024 is a GREAT goal!  I’m excited for your trip. Keep me posted!

      1. I reluctantly jumped on the scale today and to my surprise I have lost 10lbs, haphazardly following your meal plan. I could tell I was losing based on my work clothes, but didn’t expect 10lbs, so now I’m fired up to lose another 10 and start the new year off 🤞🏼20lbs lighter and energized to drop the next 50lbs 🙌🏼

  5. Man I needed this exact kick in the pants today, thank you so much for writing this! I started slipping off the wagon and then went totally grossly off the rails around Thanksgiving… and I felt terrible! Tired, grouchy, out of control, guilty, defeated, lazy, all the things… funny how easy it is to slip off the rails when we all know it doesn’t feel good! Cheers to moving on and feeling good again! 🙂

    1. It really doesn’t feel good! It fact, it feels terrible. So, it’s crazy that we keep doing it. LOL. But it IS so easy to let things slide.
      Thanks for sharing and commiserating with me. haha

  6. Hi Amy–I am literally in the exact same position as you…up to 11l7 again when my “good” weight is 107 and that’s where I’m most comfortable. I also see the same up/down pattern when I stop tracking. You’ve inspired me to restart and to up my protein. I bought your book so I’ve got no excuses. Best of luck! And I’m right there with you on the journey. Carla

    1. Carla!!! We are absolutely in the same boat. It’s CRAZY what 10lbs can do to how your clothes are fitting when your 5’0! LOL
      December might be the worst time to jump on this, but waiting any longer and it will just be that much more to lose.

  7. Hi Amy. I am all in since the day I started following you, and finished your last challenge! I kept on track, and you did make the freaking BEST plan! I think maintenance is is HARD. When I have my guard down, anything goes.
    I truly admire your resilience.
    Like the Clint Eastwood movie “Endurance to Persevere” that’s what I’m focusing on right now.
    I just started a CrossFit regimen at the age of 58. I am all in…It’s hard. I like tracking too, it’s literally been A streak of 1974 days!
    What I want you to know is I’m IN because of you. You are my hero, and you made me feel like I CAN do it too. You are a true inspiration to many of us who struggle.
    You will lose that last few pounds again, and we will be right there cheering you on! Its the least I can do! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sherri!
      You are awesome. Thank you so much for your support and for your words!!

      A streak of 1974 is AWESOME!! Is Myfitnesspal keeping track of that, or are you?
      I LOVE streaks!


  8. Definitely needed to read this. I am having the exact same conversations in my head. Have always been lean w fluctuations of 5lbs here and there but Im 10-14lbs heavier than i have ever been. not feeling good, hating feeling tight in my clothes. pushing 48 with 4 kids, and a full time job have my energy level on the ground. time to get back to your meal plans which my husband and i LOVE!!! Thank you for writing this today!!

  9. Amy, I’m curious… Why do you need to eat so much protein to lose weight? Is it because it helps build muscle or is there a different reason?

    1. Hi Mikki,
      It’s actually because *In my head at least, it helps with appetite control. I feel a lot less food focused when my protein is high.
      I eat plenty of carbs so it’s less relevant to have a carb goal. LOL

  10. Yes! I notice my weight fluctuatesto the upper side every time this year but each year I get a little higher. And it gets harder and harder to get to my lower side (if I get there at all!). Thank you for your inspiration and tasty meals. 😃

  11. Hi Amy, I am in all in or all out girl also! I understand that I need the weight on the scale to always be moving, whether it’s up or down. I’m never happy with it, just staying the same, even if I feel good!

  12. Thank you Amy! I needed this inspiration as I’ve fallen out of tracking consistently and eating too much again. I also love how simple your meal plans are which makes it easy to adhere to. 😀

  13. Thank you! Im in a similar spot with the same goal – 14 lbs to get back to my ideal weight!
    Question – what time of day do you take your supplements? Or have you found that it matters?

  14. I needed this post today! I do the same thing every winter. Stop tracking then gain, feel awful and have to start over again. It’s a life-long journey. Thank you for sharing yours!

  15. Well the way I see it, Your 10LB weight loss plan was very simple but effective. Keep up with it. Your information’s are really helpful for any individuals.

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