7 Pre-Made Fruit Smoothies with Calories, Macros, and Sugar

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Getting your daily requirements for fruit and veggies can be hard. You CAN Use pre made fruit smoothies or juice to get there. Here’s a comparison of the top brands with their calories and macros.

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Both store bought juices, and pre-made fruit smoothies can be a healthy addition to your diet. However, if you are counting calories, it’s good to be familiar with the nutritional content of both!

Healthy Store bought Fruit Juices

Have you ever noticed when you go to the store and are trying to find the healthiest items, sometimes they aren’t what you think they are? One area this rings very true at is the juice sections of the store.

This may come as a surprise to you in both areas of good and bad. So what Juice at the store is the healthiest juice and which juice looks healthy, but isn’t as healthy as you think?

Juice that is 100% natural with no added sugars is the best kind of juice for you. Some examples of these are

  • Orange Juice,
  • Apple Juice,
  • Cranberry Juice,
  • Pomegranate juice and
  • Pineapple Juice.

These pure juices’ can add more fruit to your diet, which can provide immunity support and a serving of fruit to your diet. However, juices that add extra sugar in processing are unnatural and sometimes contain unknown ingredients.

Are Pre-Made Fruit Smoothies Healthy?

A new spinoff of store bought juices is becoming increasingly popular. These are those delicious bottled Fruit Smoothies you find in the cold sections of the store, gas station and grab-n-go restaurants.

Many fruit smoothie brands on the market are actually natural, and contain no added sugars. This is great because fruit in and of itself generally has more sugar than you may think.

A second bonus is that a lot of different brands have a variety of drinks to fit your needs. For example, some may be higher in protein; and others have a “boost” by adding extra vitamins and minerals. Some, even contain vegetables!

If you are only going for the bottled smoothie just because you want less sugar than say your Dr. Pepper (150 Calories, 40 Carbs, 0 Fat, 0 Protein), make sure you check the labels for ingredients and nutrients.

Always be sure to check the serving sizes and read your labels.

Premade smoothie brands nutrition, calories, macros and sugar

This chart has the calories, carbs, sugar, fats, and protein for the brands, Suju Organic Uber Greens, V8 healthy Greens, Simple Truth Citrus Greens, Sofresco Cucumber Celery, Bothouse Farms Daily Greens, Naked Kale Blazer, and Evolution Super Fruit Green’s

So the big question, are store bought juice smoothies good for you? The answer depends on a few different things some of which include, the brand, if there are added sugars, purity of the drink and what your goal is with the drink.

Overall, if you are looking for a low calorie, low sugar option, fruit smoothies and juices may not be the most filling for the amount of calories they contain. However, they do can contain fiber due to the amount of fruits and vegetables which in turn can lower cholesterol and other chronic disease.

In the end, depending on the drink you get a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Again, as long as you are aware of the calories and sugars that are found in them fruit smoothies can be very beneficial for ones diet if drank in moderation.

pre made fruit smoothies with calories macros and sugar

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