Printable List for Calories in Vegetables {Low to high}

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When you need volume, with the least amount of calories, vegetables are the answer! This printable list of calories in vegetables will help you make the right choice to fill you up for the least amount of calories.

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While I love tools and apps, like MyFitnessPal, sometimes it’s great to just have a list of foods with the calories next to them to print for your fridge. I love having a list like this, so I don’t have to look up each and every veggie to decide what I want to eat.

I limited this list to common veggies, as there are many I’ve never heard of, and some I never plan to eat. This list is the top 25 most eaten veggies and their calories.

Print the list of veggies with their calories here, and then go eat some vegetables!

List of Calories in Vegetables

Vegetable MeasurementCalories
1. Lettuce 1 cup (36 g)5 calories
2. Spinach1 cup (30 g)7 calories
3. Celery1 cup (100 g)14 calories
4. Cucumber1 cup (100 g)16 calories
5. Radishes1 cup (116 g)18 calories
6. Zucchini1 cup (113 g)19 calories
7. Mushroom1 cup (96 g)21 calories
8. Cabbage1 cup (90 g)22 calories
9. Cauliflower1 cup (107 g)27 calories
10. Asparagus1 cup (134 g)27 calories
11. Pumpkin1 cup (116 g)30 calories
12. Green Beans1 cup (100 g)30 calories
13. Broccoli1 cup (91 g)31 calories
14. Tomatoes1 cup (180 g)36 calories
15. Turnips 1 cup (130 g)36 calories
16. Bell Peppers1 cup (135 g)38 calories
17. Brussels Sprouts1 cup (88 g)38 calories
18. Winter Squash1 cup (116 g)40 calories
19. Onion1 cup (115 g)46 calories
20. Carrots1 cup (128 g)53 calories
21. Artichoke1 artichoke (128 g)60 calories
22. Potato1 cup diced (150 g)116 calories
23. Peas1 cup (145 g)118 calories
24. Sweet Potato1 cup (150 g)129 calories
25. Corn1 cup (164 g)177 calories

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Printable for the Calories in Vegetables

Print the list for your fridge here! (Printable list of vegetables and their calories)

list of vegetables with their calories

For some delicious recipes using vegetables try these:

  1. Cauliflower Gnocchi (69 calories)
  2. Sweet Potato Fries (152 calories)
  3. Zucchini Noodles (166 calories)
  4. Summer Veggie skillet (154 calories)
4 great vegetable recipes

Let me know in the comments, what’s your favorite vegetable?

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printable list of calories in vegetables to pin to your fridge

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