12 Indulgent Recipes for Low Calorie Cookies


The best treats from around the internet, homemade recipes for low calorie cookies!

Substituting healthier ingredients, and limiting the size of the cookies can reduce calories, help you eat better and still eat your favorite treats!

If you didn’t know this about me yet, I’m crazy for cookies! So much that I have a secret Instagram account, dedicated to local gourmet bakery cookies. But, of course, I also have a healthy side, and when I can eat cookies, and still stay on track for my goals, it’s definitely a WIN-WIN!

This list is the best low calorie cookies I’ve found online. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine that recipes labeled healthy cookies can often be so high in calories, or when recipes don’t list the calories at all. Nut butters and coconut oil is both for sure healthy, but when you are eating a cookie… or 3, those calories can really add up quickly!

Hacks for Low Calorie Cookies

One of the easiest ways to reduce calories is to limit the ingredients that are high in fat. With 9 calories per gram of fat, it’s the first thing I look at.

Substitutes that can limit the calories via the fat include:

  • Substitute an egg for egg whites.
  • Sub out regular butter for light butter.
  • If the recipe calls for nuts, just cut it in half. It’s not necessary to to sub it or replace it.
  • Yogurt could be subbed for sour cream.
  • Substitute a fruit puree (like applesauce) for oils.
  • Powdered peanut butter can replace regular peanut butter with some experimenting.

Substitutes that can limit calories via carbs and sugars include:

  • Using sugar substitutes like Monk Sugar. This has worked well for me in baking. Takes hundreds of extra calories for the recipe, down to ZERO!

Size Matters- #AMIRIGHT?

Let’ be honest. Anyone on the internet can make a “low calorie” cookie if they make the cookies small enough. If I could weigh them all, I would. Because, by weight, many cookies are very close in calories. However, this is also good news. Because you could.

1) World’s Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies { 6 calories }

Clearly, to make these low calorie chocolate chip cookies 6 calories, you are going to be portioning out the dough into teeny tiny cookies. However, overall the recipe is quite low in calories! The author says if you make them bigger, they are still only 15 calories each. A total calorie bargain!

Very low calorie chocolate chip cookies

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This indulgent peanut butter cookie recipe from The Diet Chef is the bomb! He uses peanut butter powder, which I LOVE for making the cookies low in fat. He also lowers the fat by using applesauce. Check out the ingredients list and directions here.


3 ) Low Calorie Thin Mint Cookies {43 Calories!}

43 calories everyone for this Copycat Thin Mint Cookie!! Seriously, do these not at least LOOK amazing? To be fair, regular packaged thin mints are the same amount of calories, but this recipe is not only healthier, but you don’t have to wait till cookie season to get your fix. I’m drooling. For real. I love Amy’s Healthy Baking blog. If you aren’t following her, you must!


4) Soft Sugar Cookies {68 calories each and 2 smart points}

I found this site via Pinterest. A Weight Watchers recipe blog called the Pound Dropper. These sugar cookies look so delicious! She replaces full calorie sugar with the Monk Sugar I mentioned above. Great choice for these low calorie sugar cookies!

weight watchers sugar cookie

5) Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Cookies {68 calories}

From Skinny Fitalicious, these cookies have only 68 calories! Made with yogurt, egg whites, and gluten free flour, you will want to save this recipe!


Of course I needed to include some of my own low calorie cookies. I mean, I wouldn’t make them if I didn’t love them already! So first up from my Health Beet blog is these Orange sugar cookies. I used light butter for these, but could have further reduced calories with a sugar substitute!

orange cookie on a cooling rack

Mmm. I could eat these every day. Taste like shortbread and lemon. So fresh and perfect for spring! These low cal lemon cookies are made with light butter, and you would never even notice!

one low calorie lemon cookie

It seems I have a handful of cookies that I only posted to Instagram. I do intend to give them all a proper home on the blog, but until then, I give you- the Maple Oatmeal Cookie! Sweetened with zero calorie maple syrup! Grab the recipe on my instagram here.

low cal maple oatmeal cookie

9) The Peanut butter Macaroon {31 calories}

I call it a macaroon, because I whipped up the egg whites till fluffy like a macaroon. So, the final lightened up peanut butter cookie is a crispy, light, and delicious peanut butter treat! This one is a must try!

Meringue cookies (even the storebought ones) are incredibly low in calories! Plus, the egg whites give these low calorie cookies a nice boost of protein. Meringue cookies take some practice, but once you master it, you’ll be glad you did!

11) Coconut Macaroon {62 calories}

And finally, Coconut macaroons! This cookie is a miracle considering coconut is so high in calories, yet it’ displaced by the fluffing up of the egg whites, giving you a lot of volume for very few calories! Mmmm.

12) Kodiak Chocolate Cookies {20 calories}

These could possibly be my favorite cookie, just based on how simple they are! Chocolate Kodiak mix and Greek yogurt. That’s it! Grab the details here.

Oh man.. are you ready to start baking?? I know I am! I can’t wait to try some of these. For me, it helps knowing how many calories I’m getting in for, before I start baking. Hopefully this post is able to help you too!

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  1. I have a question. Curious as to why the cookie size matters in the sense that the smaller(teeny as you mentioned ☝️)they are, the more you’ll eat compared to the bigger they are, the less you’ll eat. Doesn’t that equate to pretty much the same thing?

    1. Well, the idea was that you wouldn’t eat more. If you let yourself have one cookie, there’s an easier stopping point. If you tell yourself you can have 5 small cookies equal to one large cookie, then yes. It wouldn’t matter.
      I’ve found though that I don’t feel like I’m eating less food if I have 4 ounces of chicken vs. 6 ounces of chicken. It feels just as satiating. Just like 1 cookie feels satiating, whether it’s big or small.

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