PE Game: Crazy Ball

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Outdoor PE game for elementary: Crazy Ball! The kids love this crazy game.

This is a great go-to game for big classes!  I like it because it keeps all the kids involved in the game and moves quickly.  Crazy ball is a good way to practice throwing and kicking skills as well.

Equipment for Crazy Ball:


Divide the class into two equal teams; one team will start as defense and the other offense; field should be set-up similar to kick-ball with 3 bases and a home base. Just like that you have a simple PE game.

Crazy Ball Rules:

The Offense:

The offensive team starts with four players up at “bat”.  

  • One player kicks a rolled kickball,
  • next throws or punts a football,
  • 3rd player throws a frisbee, and
  • fourth throws the reaction ball.  

This should happen quickly, one right after the other.  

Once a player has thrown/kicked his or her tossable he begins running bases.  

  • Do not stop running.
  • Each time a player passes home plate, a point is scored.
  • The 4 players continue running until all 4 tossables are returned to the container (kept at the pitcher’s mound).
  • At that point, 4 new players come up and repeat.  
  • There are no outs.
  • The offensive team plays until each player has had a turn to throw/kick.

The Defense

Defensive team cannot walk once they have a tossable in their hand.  

  • They must use teamwork to throw and catch and get all items back in the bucket.  
  • One player will serve as pitcher.  
  • The pitcher will roll the kickball, and serve as the final catcher  placing the items in the bucket.
  • Players yell “stop”  once all items are in the bucket.
  • Then offensive players stop running and scoring stops.
  • Once all of the offensive players have had a turn at bat, the teams switch places.

I love having the kids play Crazy ball, because once they know the rules, it is easy to start and stop.  Watch time and make sure both teams get equal team as offensive team!  This game works well for field day!

PE GAME crazy ball for elementary

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