Don’t Underestimate Those Sneaky Calories {and a 1450 calorie day}

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Sometimes, I believe my low calorie diet isn’t working, when I’m eating the right amount of calories, but still am not losing weight. But, almost 100% of the time, it’s because I am not counting ALL of the calories that pass my lips. I make the rookie dieting mistake believing the little bites were too small to have any significant impact on my progress. When I’m not 100% honest with what we’re eating, than I can not possibly determine if a certain calorie range is working.

It seems like such a small thing—a few extra licks on the spoon after making cookies, or an extra bite from the container of chicken when weighing out my food for a meal.

But those little extras can add up without us even realizing it! Some foods I’m guilty of not counting are vegetables, cooking spray, whipped cream, gummy vitamins, drink mixes, BCAA’s, lifesavers, and I’m sure so much more. Even small amounts of these things can have big impacts on the daily caloric intake, especially when you are only eating 1500 calories. It can mean the difference between 1500- 2000 calories.

All this to admit, the past week, I have not lost one single pound, and it’s because I’ve been guilty of ALL those things. In fact, the other day you’ll notice on my record I had whipped cream on my yogurt, and it was NOT on the MyFitnessPal record. Plus, each day I enter 4 lifesavers and 4 vitamin C gummies, when in reality, it might be like 12+! Yeah, it’s that bad.

So, remember that calories count! We cannot expect to lose weight if we are not willing to count every single one of them. Our bodies are doing exactly what they are supposed to do—unless we are honest with ourselves and account for everything we put in our mouths, we will never know how to make changes to our diet program. It is easy to forget about those sneaky calories but they do add up!

Keeping track of all those little extras can help you get closer to achieving your goals and living a healthier lifestyle. Start counting today!

day 7 full day of eating bikini prep 2023

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MyFitnessPal Record for Bikini prep day 7

Total 1450 calories, 143 protein, 163 carbs, 35 g fat

I realize my goal is usually one thing: 1500 calories, 150g protein, 125 g carbs, and 40 g fat, but then my actual day is kind of all over the place. That’s because when it comes to meal time, I usually have my intentions, and modify them to fit my mood. Which, has been fine for the past 6 months. Even with a plan, you can eat more intuitively of course. But, it is really no way to truly get where I want to be in the next 14 weeks.

So, I’m going to start planning my meals AND committing to executing on them before the day even starts…starting tomorrow. 🙂

But, for yesterday, I had

  • Breakfast: 1 cup egg whites, 1 banana and 1/2 ounce of cheese.
  • Lunch: The LAST of the pork shoulder from Sunday, on a tortilla with cucumber and tomato.
  • Snack: Cottage cheese with sugar free strawberry jello mix and strawberries.
  • Dinner: 6 ounces chicken, a large sweet potato and 2 cups of roasted broccoli.
  • Not pictured Extras: Lifesavers and vitamin C gummies (finally the lifesavers are gone). BCAA’s, glutamine, creatine, and a Caramel Apple @builtbar

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