Live Your Life and Your Passion Will Find You

The Best Advice on Finding Your Passion

I often think back to what inspired me to pursue nutrition and health as a career.  I don’t believe I CHOSE that I was going to have an obsession about nutrition and food.   I do know that my earliest memories are of curiosity about health, food, and the human body.

I remember pouring over books in the library about diets and staying fit from a very young age. Not entirely because I was concerned about the way I looked, although that was a factor, but mostly because I was fascinated by what affects good fuel and bad fuel can have on how I felt physically. 

This passion blossomed into my education, my journals, my interests and more.

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These days, we’re encouraged to be introspective, look inside, and discover what we are passionate about.  Once we know this, we can begin to live in a way that expresses our passion.  I love this TED talk by Terri Trespicio recommending that this is all backwards.  We can’t discover what we are passionate about until we start living our life.     

Passion is uncovered as you experience life, work hard, do things, and live.

Amy Roskelley

Opening yourself up to being vulnerable while you try on different interests and hobbies is hard.  What if you aren’t good at it? Do you have the stamina to become excellent at something?

Finally knowing or identifying your purpose however, doesn’t mean it will be without question, curiosity, and doubt. Inevitably, being passionate about something doesn’t take away the fact that when you dig deep enough or work long enough, that it may become difficult and confusing.  A career as a health coach or health influencer that you’re passionate about isn’t going to be fun every single day.  So many people decide this means it might be time to move on or find something new.

There is joy in this journey!   As Terri Trespicio says, stop searching for your passion. And I will add, once you find your passion, expect it to flex and wain, but it’s worth the journey.

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Live your life- Your passion will find you!  #lifepurpose #healthyliving

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