PE Rotating Fitness Challenge

Looking for a simple PE lesson plant to help your kids have fun exercising? Check out this Rotating Fitness Challenge lesson!

I have some fitness testing coming up for my 5th and 6th grade classes.  I wanted to do something today to give them a good workout and help them prepare. This lesson turned out great!

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How to: Rotating Fitness Challenge

I have my classes divided into 4 groups of 7-8 students.  (read about my method here).

To do this activity, I had the students sit in their groups and assigned them each to write a fitness circuit. Their circuit was to have 2 cardio and 2 strength activities.

We talked about what the word cardio means and some examples of both kinds of activities. The circuit was to rotate in a cardio-strength-cardio-strength sequence.  They did not have to assign a number of reps because we would be timing the rotations for 1 minute.  

I also told them that if they wanted equipment for their exercises I would get it out for them (jump ropes, yoga balls, etc).  I gave them half sheets of cardstock, a marker, and a cone to attach it to when done.

Once the circuits were written, groups began with their own circuit.  I played music that paused every minute which signaled them to move on to the next exercise.  When they had finished their four exercises they moved to the next cone and started on that group’s circuit.  

They continued to rotate around until they had completed all four circuits sets.  I rewarded them for working hard about halfway through by dropping the intervals to 30 seconds (They were getting tired!)

Why you Should Try this Rotating Fitness Challenge

What made it great:

  • The kids loved writing their own circuits!   They were so proud of them and worked harder.
  • And they really did work super hard!  I’m not sure if it was the ownership that did it, but even my hardest to motivate put in a full effort.
  • Using a timer instead of a set number of reps allowed students to work at their own level and pace.
  • Easy!  I didn’t have to spend hours writing up exercises, cutting, laminating, etc.
  • Good for promoting teamwork.  I put the “warm-up captain” in charge and they love having a job to do.
  • As my students left class, they were commenting on how much fun it was and asking if we could do it again.  I love it when fitness turns fun!

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