PE Game: Noodles and Fitness


This Noodles and Fitness PE activity combines rhythmic exercises with the use of pool noodles! It’s fun, different, and a great workout.

Foam pool noodles are great for many games and activities. They are also fun for mixing rhythm and movement.  

For this activity, cut your pool noodles in half to make them the right size for your students, and try some of these cardio/rhythm activities. These moves really get your heart rate up!

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Exercises for the Noodles and Fitness Activity

  • Jumping Jacks:  Think of a regular jumping jack.  When hands are down, tap the floor.  Then click noodles overhead.  Students can match the beat of a song with the taps.  They love making a loud noise as the noodle hits the floor.
  • Partner Click:  Tap both noodles on the floor, then click your right noodle with the right noodle of a partner facing you. Tap both noodles again and follow by clicking left noodles with your partner.  Repeat.
  • Rainbow: Tap both noodles on the floor to your right, then swoosh the noodles overhead and tap on the left.  This looks really cool if everyone does this together.

Encourage exaggerated movements for extra cardio work.  Play fun music and have students match the beat with the noodle taps.  We Will Rock You is a great song for these moves.

Noodles and Fitness Strength Movements

Now add some strength moves in to the Noodles and Fitness activity, and you will have a very physical class period.

  • Push ups:  Lay a noodle on the ground and get in push up position with the noodle under your chest. Touch your chest to the noodle on the down part of the push up.
  • Leg lift:  Sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of you.  Hold the noodle in between your feet with about 6 inches of the noodle sticking out from the sole of your shoe.  Lean back into a V position.  Raise and lower legs just touching the noodle to the floor and your legs go down.
  • Lunges:  Set the noodle on the floor and take a big step forward.  Lunge down and touch the noodle with your knee.  Switch legs and repeat.
  • Superman:  Lay on your stomach on the floor.  Hold your arms straight out in front of you and hold a noodle in your hands.  Raise chest and legs off the floor.  While holding this position pass the noodle hand to hand going around your back and then across the front.

This Noodles and Fitness lesson is guaranteed to get your students working hard in a fun way!  Warning: You’ll work hard too — this lesson leaves me exhausted!

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