Should You Subtract Exercise Calories from Total Calories (and my 1500 calorie day)

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In my ongoing plan to share all the details of this Bikini prep 2023, I’m committed to writing every day and sharing my meals! You can find the whole series at this tag, Bikiniprep2023, and scroll to the bottom of each post to see my meals from the day before.

But first, I’ll do my best to answer questions that I get in my inbox often, like this one! Should I subtract my exercise calories from my total calories?

As I lost weight, and any time I’m trying to lose weight, I say no, don’t do it! Here’s why

  1. Calories “burned”, isn’t very accurate. I’ve finished a 15 mile run, and my Garmin tells me I’ve only burned 800 calories. I don’t believe it!
  2. If you are trying to lose weight, adding calories back into your food plan will take you out of your calorie deficit.
  3. Go ahead and subtract your exercise calories if you are at maintenance or trying to gain weight! This means you don’t want to lose any fat.
  4. It just messes with your head. You start playing calorie tetris to make everything come out even, and it’s more work than it’s worth.
  5. Most of us don’t work out hard enough or long enough for it really to matter. And, if you’re lifting weights, the calories burned during your weight lifting session are pretty insignificant. (it’s the calories burned AFTER you put on muscle that increases the burn rate of your metabolism.
  6. And finally, if you really feel like you need more energy for a workout, I would still keep my calories the same to stay in a deficit, but I’d add more carbs, and reduce the protein for that day.

So, the bottom line, if you are trying to lose weight, than I recommend only tracking calories consumed, and not calories burned.

So, onto Bikini prep 2023 day 3!!

Breakfast: 1 egg, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 slice toast, 100 grams banana and 1/2 ounce cheese

Lunch: A low carb tortilla with 3 ounces chicken and 1 tablespoon of mayo (Times 2!. This was so tasty that I made myself a second one.). Plus, 150 grams of apple.

For SNACK!! DELICIOUS! This protein ice cream was just 1 scoop CSE vanilla protein powder with 1 cup frozen cherries, plus the last of my can of whipped cream.

Dinner Another low carb tortilla, with Costco Rotisserie chicken (3.5 ounce) and bell peppers. I added Bolthouse Ranch after I took the pic.

And then, I’VE Got to start tracking the extras. I had 8 lifesavers and 4 vitamin C gummies. LOL.

MyFitnessPal PDF for day 3

Day 3 meals for bikini prep weight loss plan 1500 calories

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