Shoulder Workout: Getting Strong Over 40

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Just in time for tank top season, get those strong and sexy arms you always wanted! Strength training is for everyone, but especially women who want to be strong and lean! I’m excited to share with you my top 9 favorite shoulder exercises for your next shoulder workout!

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3 years ago, at the age of 46, I officially started strength training. What started as a mid-life crisis decision to enter a bikini show, I believe actually saved my life. As an amateur bikini competitor, shoulders and glutes are all the rage. So, I’ve grown to love my shoulder and glute workouts!

Without being too dramatic, If I didn’t start weight training, I just know my bones would grow weak, and my functionality would dimish with age.

It wasn’t until I was hooked that I started realizing all the benefits of weight training! Not only do strong shoulders enhance your overall appearance, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining proper posture, preventing injuries, and enhancing athletic performance.

So, without further ado- here’s my top 9 exercises I love to do for training shoulders.

Shoulder Workout

Watch the YouTube video above for how to perform each exercise. I do shoulder days twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. I choose 5-6 of the following exercises. I perform 4 sets each with 8-12 reps

  1. Overhead press
  2. Lateral Raise
  3. Front Raise
  4. Upright Row
  5. Dumbbell Fly
  6. Arnold Press
  7. Push Out
  8. Pushups
  9. Tricep Dips

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Top shoulder exercises- getting strong over 40

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