PE Game: UNO Movement


Coming up with new, engaging PE lesson plans for the kids can be a challenge. Here’s a fun game to play with your class, Uno Movement.

My youngest PE classes love dancing and moving to music.  I use music on a daily basis to add energy and enthusiasm. I want them to learn to enjoy taking care of their bodies. Music and games are a great way to make that happen!

Here is a fun and easy game that is great for a quick warm-up, time filler, or even a small space activity. After all there are times when you need something simple to do with your class. When that is the case, have your kids play Uno Movement!

How to Play Uno Movement

To run this game, I use UNO cards, but any type of cards would do. It just helps if there are different colors or symbols to symbolize your chosen movements.

Explain to your class the assigned movement associated with each color.  With my class we did:

  • Red = squats
  • Yellow = jump
  • Blue = swim
  • Green = slither like a snake
  • Wild = free choice

Once you have explained the cards and movements, pass each student a card and have them move into their own space.  They can spread out in the space.

When the music starts, they do the movement assigned to their card color.  When the music stops, they freeze. I then call out “trade” and they trade cards for a new color.  Repeat.

It’s that simple!

Why You Should Play Uno Movement with Your Class

I used this during the first week of school to practice freezing on signal.  I made sure they were quiet and looking at me before we traded again. This made it a fun way to practice my rule of freezing when the music stops.  My 1st and 2nd graders loved it!

My students really enjoy this game and it is easy always easy for me get going. A win win both ways!

So, give Uno Movement a try with your class. And share what other fun movements you come up with!

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