120 Weight Loss Meals in a 1500 Calorie Diet E-book

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I have a new E-Book!! It’s a compilation of all my meals the last few months on 1500 calories. If you’ve been following my bikini prep 2023, you’ve seen these meals already.

My Quick Weight Loss recap:

  1. Lost the first chunk of weight, just being more mindful of my meals. (my first e-book)
  2. Lost 20 lbs counting calories (and ate 1200 calories for the better part of 6 months to do that) (my second e-book)
  3. And, I’m able to maintain my weight on 1500 calories. (my 3rd e-book!)

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I put the together the 1500 calorie meals with the calories, macros, and shopping list into one place. It has

  • 120 easy meal ideas
  • Endless daily combinations that should all total 1500 calories.
  • The MyFitnesspal code for easy tracking.
  • My current workout split.
  • and more!

Each meal follows this basic pattern I’ve been teaching for years:

  • BREAKFAST: Eggs or protein powder with Oats or fruit.
  • LUNCH: Chicken with Fruit, starchy carbs or grains
  • SNACK/Protein treat: Protein powder or Greek yogurt with Fruit
  • DINNER: Protein: Chicken, turkey, or fish with Grains or starchy carbs

Anyway, here’s a few sample pages below! You can buy it here. There are LOTS of recipes that aren’t on the blog yet, so you’ll want it for sure.

inside look of 1500 calorie meal plan from Health Beet

Sample Day


  • Breakfast 01: Omelet, Toast and Strawberries
  • Lunch 01: Classic Green Salad and Chicken
  • Snack: 01 Cottage Cheese Strawberry Salad
  • Dinner: 01 Ground turkey w Roasted veggies
sample day 1 full day of eating on 1500 calorie meal plan

Sample Day


  • Breakfast 11: Blueberry Protein Waffles
  • Lunch 30: Pork Salad
  • Snack: 20: Yogurt Parfait
  • Dinner 21: Summer corn, watermelon, turkey
Day 7 sample meal plan

1500 calorie 30 day meal plan- eat great while losing weight


  1. Love Health Beet. Need to make some changes to lose a little but more importantly to lead a healthier lifestyle. So many options is overwhelming. Need something simple. Where to begin?

  2. Hi Amy,
    I was wondering if you can lose weight eating the 1500 meals as an almost 60-year-old woman? I have had a full hysterectomy a couple of years ago which is an added struggle. (Hot flashes and night sweats.) I try to exercise in the pool to strengthen knees that have arthritis and very low cartilage. I have come to believe I need the most simple and economical menu I can get with a cheat meal to look forward to.

    I take a multivitamin and am taking adrenal fatigue supplements. I purchased the 1200 calorie meal plan a while back, but I am wondering if I exercise should I eat more. (I tend to get tired at the end of the workday and like to eat right away before OR after a workout as needed. ) Do you have a 1500 calorie meal plan?
    -Thanks for your input and time.

    1. Absolutely!  Thanks for buying the 1200 calorie plan! But if it’s leaving you tired, you will still see success on the 1500 calorie plan.  The only difference is the pace in which you can lose.  1200 is just more aggressive for faster weight loss, but if it comes at the expense of energy, there’s definitely success with 1500.
      I would definitely eat and then exercise.  I started doing that a bit recently too.
      the 1500 calorie plan is on this page https://healthbeet.lpages.co/1500-calorie-30-day-meal-plan/

      Let me know if you have any questions!

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