8 Affordable Portion Control Lunch Boxes


If you are looking for lunch boxes that help you keep your portions under control, or to help your kids eat a balanced lunch, these lunch boxes are affordable and functional!

What is a portion control lunch box?

A lunch box separated for the right amount of food from different food groups.

There are many lunch containers with a variety of compartments, but some are built with portion control in mind. That means, one section or compartment for each food group, in the right amounts. I look for boxes that have 3- 4 sections so that my portion sizes are in check!

  • One for protein, about 3/4 cup size.
  • One for grains, about 1/2 cup size
  • One for fruits, about 1 cup size
  • and one for veggies, about 1 cup size.
  • (sometimes the fruit and veggies are combined)

I scoured Amazon and found these 8 portion control containers that were all under $20, so totally affordable!

Lunch containers on Amazon

1) Bento Box Portion Control Box from Bentology ($14.99)

I like this box as it shows you they’ve measured the containers for a specific amount of food. This one is the Bento Box from Bentology

portion control bento box

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2) Stainless steel 3 portion container ($19.99)

This round container is fun. I like it because it’s the same concept I teach with my portion control plates, but it’s a portable version! Brilliant, perfect if you avoid plastic and prefer stainless steel, and only $19.99

stainless steel portion control container

3 ) Easy Lunch Boxes ($13.95 for 4)

An original to the marketplace in the divided containers category, the Easy Lunch Box has been one of my favorite picks for a decade. They have always been so affordable that I keep many in my cupboard.

easy lunch box portable portion control container.

4) Collapsible Silicone Lunch Container ($17.95)

I love that portion control lunch boxes are collapsible, for when you are short on space! This one is made from Silicone, so it’s safe, eco friendly, affordable, and your kids could basically drop it and it’s fine.

eco collapsible portion control lunch box

5) Rubbermaid Lunch Blox $8.19

Recent to the market is stacking containers you can use to portion out different food groups. I LOVE this idea, especially if you really want to pack in the veggies! Rubbermaid has these stacking boxes perfect to pack a salad.

rubbermaid portion control container

6) Rubbermaid Balance Meal Planning ($19.99 for 2)

Another from Rubbermaid, this may be my favorite one so far. Individual containers for different food groups. It’s perfect for Portion control.

rubbermaid balanced meal planning

7) Portion Control (21 Day Fix) Containers ($8.95)

These containers are getting all sorts of promotion via Beachbody distributors, but there are plenty of other folks selling them. You don’t need a Beachbody coach to buy them. These are on Amazon for less than $10!

8) Pixi Creations Lunch Box ($15.00 each)

This one from Pixi Creations does cost more out of the gate, but it is for two boxes, so really they are $15.00 each (on Amazon for $29 for both). I do like that they’ve measured the sections, and that they are leak proof, as they all should be!

So, save this list next time you want to get in the market for some portion control containers! These ones are so affordable, it’s OK if you buy several, lose a few, or don’t end up using them. But who knows, maybe you and your kid will LOVE them!

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8 affordable portion control lunch boxes

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