Birthday Bath Bombs {Non-Food Gift Idea for Girls}

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Inexpensive birthday gift idea for your Activity Days girls. These birthday bath bombs are so cute, with a printable tag saying, “Hope Your Birthday Is the Bomb”.

Bath bomb in cellophane with cards 1200x1200

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I’m always looking for a small, inexpensive birthday gift for the kids that I’ve been called to serve with. I’ve served with the young women and activity day girls for most of my adult life!

I also like to find a fun gift that doesn’t involve food. With the kids getting junk food every where they go, as well as many of them having allergies, a non-food gift idea is ideal.

So, since I LOVE to take baths, I thought bath bombs might be fun for these girls.

What you need for the Birthday gift:

Then, fill your cellophane bags with the paper shreds, a bath bomb, and a card. I love that you can make them all ahead of time, and they don’t expire or go bad like a treat might. Get ahead, and on birthday day, grab one from your box of gifts and bring it to the birthday girl!

bath bombs with crinkle paper 1200x1200

Print the birthday card here ->

hope your birthday is the bomb!!

Need more church ideas? Here was a Young Women’s Activity I did for a lesson about nutrition !

Pin this for later! You never know when you’ll get called 🙂

Bath Bomb Pin Canva- Branding Fonts 800x1600

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