Choose MyPlate for Pregnancy

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A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy plate and with all that baby planning, healthy meals and essential nutrition may not be so easy. Having a fun tool like Choose MyPlate can help remind you what else to add to your plate for both you and your developing baby. 

Some top nutrients and food choices for a healthy pregnancy:

  • Protein-chicken, eggs, tofu, nuts, seeds
  • Calcium-dairy, leafy greens
  • Fiber-low sugar fortified whole grain cereals, figs, avocado
  • Vitamin D-mushrooms
  • Iron-chicken, edamame, lentils, spinach
  • Folic acid-broccoli, black-eyed peas, asparagus
  • Iodine-milk and potatoes
  • Vitamin C-red bell peppers, oranges, kiwi, kale
  • Zinc-beef, yogurt, chick peas, pumpkin seeds

These may not be all the nutrients needed but they are some of the most important nutrients during pregnancy. Other things to consider for a healthy pregnancy are:

  • Water-One of the best ways to ensure you are drinking enough water is to simply choose it over all other beverages. 
  • Sleep-A growing baby will take a lot of energy out of you so get those 8-10 hours of sleep and if needed, take a nap, too!
  • Exercise-Keeping active will help reduce stress, improve circulation (important for keeping baby healthy!), control weight gain and help you sleep more soundly. Just be sure you are clearing this with your doctor. 
  • Kegels-It is true! Performing these exercises will help keep your pelvic muscles strong so be sure to find a certified professional to help along the way.
  • Personal time-It is important to start forming the habit now, before your baby is born. Remembering to always find a few moments out of your crazy day to do something YOU love will keep your mind healthy and happy

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, make sure you are eating balanced meals using our Choose MyPlate tools. That way you can be sure your growing baby gets all the nutrients they need!

a healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy plate

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