Health Beet Business Update 2020


I started Health Beet with the intention of helping busy parents teach their kids about healthy eating in an impactful way. Many caregivers I worked with in the health field felt overwhelmed with their hectic work schedules and felt like when they got home to prepare dinner, they didn’t have any energy left to make a healthy meal, and they were too exhausted to fight with their kids about it.

In an effort to put the desire on the kids to eat a healthy balanced meal, with more fruits and vegetables, I developed a nutrition plate that could teach this, without words, and eliminate the conflict the parent felt.

After 5 years of selling the nutrition plate to grateful parents, the USDA redesigned the icon that represents the dietary guidelines from the pyramid, to a plate! It was at this time I began marketing the nutrition plate to educators, dietitians, and other health professionals. Since then, my nutrition plate has gone through a few different iterations, but sales have been strong as it’s an effective tool for teaching healthy eating.

With conflicting information online about the healthiest diet, families are confused about the healthiest way to eat. However, the nutrition plate makes it simple, it’s backed by research, and accepted by nutritionists everywhere. It’s in appropriate eating style for both adults as well as children. When we learn to make half our meal fruits and vegetables, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 from whole grains, we will experience greater health in abundance!

Sales are strong for the portion control plates on Amazon, but in the next few years, the plan is to get more publicity and build a brand through social media and the general public. The more people, and especially kids, know about balanced eating, the healthier we can be as a community and as a country!

The Future of Health Beet

The plan with Health Beet is to be a resource for health educators, and create digital assets to assist educators and parents with teaching nutrition lessons around health. I plan to work with designers and dietitians to make free digital assets available like worksheets, curriculum, booklets, handouts and products all about nutrition and Choose MyPlate.

There has never been a more important time in our society than now to make health education a priority.

portion control plate for kids for reaching health goals

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If you are dietitian or health educator, check out a recent nutrition lesson taught at the Elementary School.

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