Bucket List Bodybuilding Bikini Show #2

    Finished last is always better than did not finish, which is better than did not start

    Be brave enough to be bad at something new

    18 months ago I had this crazy idea to see if I could really get in the best shape of my life. I also decided I didn’t want to get to the end of my life with no stories to tell.

    So, I did want any crazy person would do, I signed up for a bodybuilding bikini show!

    After the show in 2020 (you can read that whole story here), I said I would never do it ever again. But then throughout 2020 when my fall marathon got cancelled and I felt like I had no fitness goals, I figured, why not do one more bikini show and see how much muscle I could build in one year.

    So, I signed up again!! I was able to add 4 lbs of muscle over the last 12 months, and I learned so much! All I really wanted was to come in stronger than a year ago. After all, for most of us, this sport is less about being compared to others, and more about comparing your own progress year over year!

    Here’s a picture from before I started losing weight to Saturday!

    before and after pics from health beet amy roskelley

    Here’s what I did for this bikini prep:

    My diet:

    I was following macros as prescribed by my coach, Shane Huegly. For the majority of the year he had me on macros of 150 g protein, 150 g carbs, and 30 grams of fat. I did take flexible dieting very seriously, and fit in all the delicious food I wanted to make. But mostly I stuck to this simple meal plan here.

    Then, about 6 weeks ago, we dropped to 125 grams carbs and increased fats to 40grams. That’s what I was eating when I wrote this full day of eating post.

    My workouts

    I kept running most days of the week for my cardio. I reallly love to run, and taking that away would likely be a deal breaker for me. I rather run than be in the gym.

    But, I can honestly say, after 18 months of lifting in the gym, I truly love it! I look forward to it every single day! In fact, I actually hate rest days!

    My lifting schedule was:

    • Monday; Legs
    • Tuesday; shoulders
    • Wednesday; Back
    • Thursday; Legs
    • Friday; shoulders
    • Saturday; Biceps & triceps

    Show Day!!

    Moving into peak week I cleaned my diet up a lot. I stopped drinking diet soda’s. I removed all the artificial sweeteners. And I kept my meals very consistent. Lots of egg whites, oatmeal, rice, rice cakes, chicken and ground turkey. While it’s boring, I actually don’t mind it. It seems the less variety I have, the more I don’t have an appetite at all.

    Friday before the show, I ate more carbs (from rice and rice cakes), and drank lots of water.

    On show day, I weighed the exact same as I did 1 year ago (I was 103 lbs and I’m 5 feet, 1/2 inch), but I definitely added muscle and you can tell!

    Saturday morning, I woke up early to get my hair and makeup done! I love how it turned out and it was fun to have someone else do it!

    waiting for the stage with friends from my team

    I entered two categories. Masters category, age 45 years and older. And bikini open class A. Like I said, the girls looked amazing! I knew I didn’t stand a chance in the open class. Those girls have the best skin! Mine is still saggy from my weight loss. I was hoping after a year of staying lean, that the skin would finally shrink to fit my legs, but no such luck. Loose skin is the worst!

    Here’s the photo from the age 45 and up! I placed 4th out of 5th in this classs!

    bikini comparisons for age 45 and older

    And then here’s the open class A, short girls of all ages. They gave awards to the top 5, and I was dead last!!! So, no medal from this group. LOL

    Bikini comparisons a category

    Will I do another show?

    While I am not counting out the idea, I have no plans to do it again. I met my goals, and I’m happy about that. While I am a little disappointed in my placings (the other girls looked AMAZING), it’s not like I’m trying to become a bodybuilding pro at 47 years old. It’s a LOT of money to spend on a bucket list item, or just something that gets me to the gym every day.

    My next goal is to keep up with the weight training, but also my running and try to Boston Qualify at the St. George Marathon this fall!

    Anyway- that’s the show in a nutshell!! Hit me up if you have any questions!

    More pics from show day!


    2020 show Last year vs this June 2021!

    Bikini show 2020 vs 2021
    backstage at the NPC Salt Lake City championship
    Amy 2021 NPC with award
    After the show with wade
    After show crumbl cookies
    Bikini comparisons 45 and up

    2020 show vs 2021!

    side by side 2020 vs 2021
    amy 2021 Salt Lake city championship

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