10 Ways Portion Control Plates Can Help You Lose Weight

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Portion control plates have been shown to help weight loss. They help you eat the right volume of food, control calories, and eat better.

It’s true! Research has shown, portion control plates are effective for weight loss. {see Portion control plates vs. Dinner plates}. And, it’s not just about eating fewer calories, although it’s a pretty big part of it!.

But, what we’ve found in addition to eating less, portion control plates also offer guidance and motivation! They can truly help you change behavior and stick with it, in a simple, manageable, and not-stressful way!

10 ways portion control plates can help you lose weight

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The ways nutrition plates can help with weight loss

When you decide you are going to use a portion control plate to help curb your appetite, eat less, and lose weight, you’ll find it may be easier than you think. A simple thing like the plate you are eating your meals on, can serve as the most effective (and cost-effective) tool in your weight loss arsenal. Here are a few ways that these plates help you lose weight.

  1. Portion control plates encourage food group balance. The more balanced your meals, the more likely you’ll be satisfied on a biological level. Eating from one food group means you might be missing out on vital nutrients. Some say a lack of nutrients causes cravings. All the macronutrients from carbs, proteins, and fat should be present in your meals when you focus on eating from all the food groups.
  2. Along with that, portion control plates encourage sitting down to your meals. When you eat from a plate, rather than from a box or on the go, you are more likely to eat less food. Sit down to your meals, and get a real plate out of the cupboard. This will help you eat mindfully rather than mindlessly.
  3. Also, portion control plates measure foods without a scale. A plate fits a specific amount of food, and unless you are returning for seconds and thirds, you don’t need to measure and weigh your food. What fits on your plate is usually the perfect amount of food. At first, it might not feel like it’s enough food, but eventually, you’ll find your appetite will change and a single plate full of food BECOMES enough food!
  4. Portion control plates help you track food without tracking. With all your food on one plate, you can visually see what you are eating and how much. Tracking food is essential when mindless eating kicks in and you don’t remember, notice or even SEE how much you are eating. A plate shows you everything.
  5. You’ll be eating more fruits and veggies than before. The New York Times reported from a recent study, using a portion control plate actually does lead to eating more fruits and vegetables! {Plate design associated with increased fruit and vegetable consumption}
  6. You’ll probably eat fewer grains than before. This is not saying that grains are bad for you, but let’s be honest. If there is one food group you can eat 4-5 servings of in one sitting, it’s likely grains! Using the portion plate limits you to one serving. Then, you have to move on to the other food groups!
  7. You’ll eat more protein. Using the portion plate reminds you to consider what you’ll include in your meal for your protein, at every single meal!
  8. Portion control plate allows for variety. When you are looking for protein at each meal, and a veggie at each meal, you start to become creative, leading to more variety!
  9. Portion control plates serve as visual reminders about your goals. When you look at your plates, you are reminded to eat healthier food at that meal. Every single meal can become that reminder. Using regular dishes makes it easy to push aside the idea that you need all the food groups. If you’ve ever plated a large dish of macaroni and cheese, you know what I mean!
  10. Additionally, portion control plates focus on what you should be including in your meals, rather than a list of foods to avoid. My favorite reason that portion control plates can help you meet your weight loss goals, is because the focus isn’t on eliminating sugar or cutting out bread. The focus becomes what you SHOULD INCLUDE in your diet, and mentally, this thought is much more productive and leads to long term success.
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If you are looking to lose weight, don’t make it complicated! Simply use a nutrition plate like the portion control plate, and use it to assist you in getting to your goals.

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