Scoops and Balls PE Game


Teach your PE students how to use plastic scoops and balls, and then advance them into partner games.

We have some fun new equipment at our school this year:  plastic scoops and wiffle balls.  I used the equipment in two separate lessons with my youngest classes.

Lesson 1: Progressive Play

  • Each person has a scoop and their own ball.
  • I start by having them roll the ball on the floor and try and scoop it up without using their hands.  I demonstrate that they need to scoop the opposite direction from where the ball is rolling.  That way it rolls into their scoop.
  • Next we toss the ball out of our scoop, let it bounce once or twice on the floor and then catch.  For those that get comfortable with that, I show them how to toss, spin around, and then catch off the 2nd or 3rd bounce.
  • Finally, we move into tossing and catching without a bounce.  We start with low tosses (head high), then move to medium (high as you can reach), and then high tosses.  This lesson works best indoors on a gym floor.

Lesson 2: Partner Game

This lesson moves the students into using the scoops and balls with a partner.

I start by having them all choose a scoop.  Then I have them find a partner that has a different color scoop (good way to mix them up!).  You can then move the students through a sequence of activities.  Vary your sequence depending on time, ability, and interest.

  1. Roll the ball to your partner — scoop it up without using hands
  2. Low toss the ball to your partner; if you catch it take a baby step farther away and try again
  3. Repeat #2 with higher tosses
  4. Stand back to back with your partner, each take a giant step away from each other, the partner without the ball turns and faces their partner’s back, the partner with the ball tosses the ball over head for their partner to catch
  5. Try jogging slowly and tossing the ball back and forth

I did this lesson outside on the grass.  My students especially like #4.  Fun for a spring day!

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Scooter Activities for PE

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