Weight Maintenance through the Holidays {Weight Loss Diary Day 31+}


Days 31+ of my weight loss journal. Taking a pause to work on maintenance for the holidays, but ready to get back at it today! (See the other days in this weight loss journal here)

Just wanted to share a quick update for those of you following my attempt to lose 10lbs. The holidays were a little harder for me to resist my favorite foods than I thought.

Last I checked in my weigh in was 112.6, and 3 weeks later, I’m still 112.6!

But, here’s the wins for the holidays and how I at least maintained my weight, and didn’t gain!

  • I still tracked my food! All of it. Even the quick bites, tastes, cookie dough, food from other people I couldn’t accurately track, etc. I actually averaged about 1800-2000 calories per day, but I tracked it all.
  • I did track my exercise calories burned because I wanted a clear picture of what my true maintenance calories could be. Turns out, when I break even on calories burned (exercise plus NEAT) and calories consumed, I Really CAN maintain my weight!
  • I never overate! This might be the biggest win of all, and made me feel really proud for enjoying delicious foods, without letting it turn into a binge fest!
  • I continued to exercise, which wasn’t hard because I truly love to exercise.
  • I saved indulgences for social eating (most of the time). Sometimes I’m guilty of tasting a few cookies before we go to a party, and then also eating those cookies when we get to the party. LOL.
  • I always hit 100 grams of protein each day.
  • I also realized 112 is a great weight for me. I’d like to be 110 just so I can have a range (110-115), but once I go over 115, it’s a whole new size of jeans for me!

So, there it is. I’m still 112. I’m trying to lose a few more pounds just to have some wiggle room, but I’m so happy to have 5 lbs gone and I think I can keep it here!

I’ll check back in diary style every few weeks and let you know how maintenance is going!

weight loss journal day 31 plus - maintaining weight loss

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  1. I so appreciate this post! Your win of recording every bite no matter how hard is sooo relatable. It pops up in my head every time I’m tempted not to record and has inspired me to follow through. I’m already seeing results! Thanks for sharing, and congrats to you!

    1. I’m so glad!! I used to be so bad about this. As soon as I passed 1500 calories for the day, I’d just stop tracking altogether.
      But, how are we EVER supposed to find objective data unless it’s all tracked! So, now I track everything, even when it’s PAINFUL to see in black and white! LOL

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