100 Calorie Dessert: Chocolate Cream Berry Cups

    Watch your calories and still enjoy dessert! These chocolate cups with cream and berries on top are only 100 calories per cup!

    Why I count calories

    I enjoy tracking food and counting calories now. I haven’t always liked it. It’s only been in recent years that I’ve embraced it. I know that the only way to maintain my weight loss and not gain the weight back is if I track my food, yet for many years I considered it a chore.

    That all changed when I changed my mindset around counting calories and tracking my food. I determined that if I wanted to maintain my weight for the long term, I had to enjoy the process of healthy eating, and not just the destination. I had to like the day-to-day of this ‘diet lifestyle’. The destination, or ‘arriving at your ideal weight’, is challenging, discouraging, and often depressing. Weight gains and losses don’t always reflect what’s actually happening with your body. After many years of jumping on the scale, I had to let go of the idea that I was working towards arriving at a certain number.

    I had to get to the place where I honestly, truly, and thoroughly enjoyed the process of healthy eating, and even TRACKING food!

    And a funny thing happened. When I stopped worrying about what the scale said each day, and instead began tracking my food as a hobby, even a fun science project, I started losing weight.

    Tracking your calories helps you to be honest with yourself! So many times I would think I ate “perfectly” one day only to see the scale go up the next day. With honest food and calorie tracking, it’s no longer a surprise.

    That’s where this delicious dessert comes in! I will eat almost anything now (except hot dogs), if I know the calorie count, or can calculate it myself.

    This 100 calorie dessert chocolate cups contains

    • 100 calories each
    • 15 grams carbs
    • 1.2 grams protein
    • and 5 grams fat

    All I did was I weighed some chocolate chips (15 grams or 1 heaping tablespoon). I melted the chocolate.

    Then, I spooned the melted chocolate into a silicone cupcake liner, and spread the chocolate half-way up the sides of the cup. Then, put in the freezer until the chocolate hardened.

    Then, I scooped cool whip into the cup and berries on top. You can re-freeze these so the coolwhip is also frozen, and that is DELICIOUS too!

    Let me know if you give them a try! You might also like my Body For Life Cheesecake or Protein no-bake bars!

    chocolate cups with cream and berries

    Chocolate Cup with Cream and Berries

    100 calorie dessert! Chocolate cups with cream and berries inside
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    Course: Dessert
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: chocolate cream berry cup
    Prep Time: 5 minutes
    Total Time: 5 minutes
    Servings: 1
    Calories: 100kcal
    Author: Amy Roskelley


    • 1 tablespoon chocolate chips
    • 2 tablespoons light cool whip
    • 2 medium raspberries


    • Melt chocolate chips.
    • Scoop and spread the melted chocolate into a silicone cupcake liner.
    • Chill in freezer for about 20-30 minutes, or until chocolate is firm.
    • Scoop cool whip into the chocolate cup and top with berries.


    • 100 calories
    • 15 grams carbs
    • 5 grams fat
    • 1.2 grams protein


    Serving: 1cup | Calories: 100kcal | Carbohydrates: 15g | Protein: 1.2g | Fat: 5g

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