25 Weight Loss Affirmations That Actually Work {from losing weight to maintenance}


When I last wrote about weight loss affirmations, I created the list before I lost weight. While a few of them served me well, I’ve sort of changed my approach to weight loss affirmations and have been using different ones with great success.

Weight loss affirmations for me has just been another way to idenitfy the self talk that isn’t serving me, and rewriting the narrative. For example, telling myself “I just binge every afternoon because I’m tired”, only reinforces the behavior that I like to overeat in the afternoons. But, instead I tell myself, “I’m not the kind of person that binges on food thinking that it will provide me more energy. In fact, it actually does the opposite. I get more sluggish when I over eat.

Not only have the affirmations helped me lose 20lbs, but they’ve also helped me maintain my weight loss.

So, here are the top 25 weight loss affirmations I’m currently using right now!

  1. Food doesn’t have control over me. I’m stronger than my cravings.
  2. Just because I have a thought about food, doesn’t mean I should indulge in it immediately. I place a pause between the thought and consuming the food, and it usually passes.
  3. I actually enjoy tracking food.
  4. It’s mature to have boundaries around food and meal times. I’m not a slave to my impulses.
  5. I keep promises to myself.
  6. I don’t need anyone to be accountable to but myself.
  7. I weigh myself daily for information. There is no drama, emotions, or meaning I place on the number.
  8. Live the story you want to tell: My mantra for life! Is the story I want to tell at the end of my life that I binged on cookies till I was sick and then just watched TV all night. Or, do I want to tell a story of a thriving, energetic, purpose driven life?
  9. I enjoy the process and discipline of eating healthy foods. The results are irrelevant.
  10. I eat and train like an athlete.
  11. I don’t eat when I’m bored.
  12. I don’t use food to get energy , to avoid work, because I deserve it, because I just feel like it or because I want to participate in a pity party.
  13. I’m the kind of person that makes healthy choices, even when faced with temptation.
  14. I don’t just eat because food is there.
  15. I am not the kind of person who eats food off my plan, just to fit in.
  16. I’m not the kind of person that eats food to make someone else happy.
  17. Food does not connect me to others. I can connect through being present.
  18. I don’t enjoy the feeling of being full (Still working on this one!! I actually do like to feel full. lol)
  19. Food choices are not “all or nothing”. If I eat something off my plan, I don’t decide that a binge is the next best thing. I just eat back on plan with the very next bite.
  20. “One bite does matter”.
  21. I deserve to feel amazing. That has nothing to do with “deserving a treat”.
  22. I enjoy exercise. There’s no reason to cut it short, or “phone it in”. Just enjoy it.
  23. Food is not addictive.
  24. At the end of the day, I enjoy the feeling of making healthy choices.
  25. I can do anything for a day.

Try some of these out next time you feel a craving come along, or let me know what you’ve been saying to yourself!

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