Finding Joy in the Weight Loss Journey

    The weight loss habits that you actually enjoy, can guide you to your weight loss goals!

    Let’s face it. Some of the things you have to do to lose weight can be miserable. And when it’s miserable, you either quit, or you get angry thinking about all those annoying people that can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound.

    BUT- what if the things you had to do to lose weight, you actually ENJOYED doing? It can literally change the game.

    Instead of anticipating a lifetime of eating stale rice cakes in between tears, find the parts of healthy living that is really going to energize, inspire, and bring you joy, and then you can continue those habits long past the time you reach your goals.

    Healthy weight loss habits that you might ENJOY

    1. Tracking and measuring food. I thought I hated this, but it turns out, I kind of like the gamification of it. It can sometimes be like a scientific experiment so I can see EXACTLY what nutrients I’m getting and how I feel after eating them. Tracking food doesn’t have to be horrible with all the SUPER easy tech tools we have today, like MyFitness pal, and food scales that tell you everything!
    2. Exercise that you love! Ask most health professionals what the best exercise for weight loss is, and if they are smart, they’ll say, “The best exercise is the one you will do!” So wise. So, even if you aren’t doing activity with intensity, consistency wins every time. I love running because it’s the only time of day I can truly be alone, and I need alone time every day! I truly find joy in running!
    3. Cooking healthy food. If you love preparing food anyway, have fun with the BILLIONS of healthy recipes online. Follow some new accounts that share healthy recipes, and commit to trying new ones.
    4. Get adequate sleep. Now you have an excuse to sleep longer. Adequate rest helps you lose weight!
    5. Enjoy small portions of treats. Instead of swearing off sugar or salt, build into your program a low calorie treat, a cheat day, or a cheat meal. It can be something you look forward to on your journey each day. This practice in control and indulgence can help you stay on the path for much longer than if you decide never to eat the things you love again.
    6. Enjoy slowing down. When you sit down to three meals a day, not in a hurry, not eating in the car, and not shoveling food in your mouth, you can bring back the joy of food. Eating mindfully can help you return to enjoying rather than fearing your food.
    7. Eat fresh! Do you love to garden and grow your own food? Eating from your own garden can help you lose weight! Commit to planting a bigger garden this year to get your gardening fix and eat what you grow.
    8. Find a community! If you love to build relationships, a joyful journey might you connected with people that have the same goals. Expand your social network to connect with people, and find the joy together.

    You’re next! What would you add to this list that can help you enjoy the weight loss journey?

    7 ways to find joy in the weight loss journey
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