Perform without Purpose {Motivation for Weight Loss}

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What do you do when both internal motivation and external motivation aren’t strong enough to help you lose weight? What else is there? Can you do the things you need for weight loss without a purpose at all.

I think sometimes we get stuck in the first step of weight loss, which is “Find your why”. Studies have found, a strong “intrinsic why” (like improve health markers) is necessary to see weight loss results. Extrinsic reasons (to look better or gain acceptance), isn’t as strong, but CAN work.

But if this is keeping you from moving forward, maybe it’s time to just start anyway and Perform WITHOUT purpose!

The background

There is a mental and physical evolution of weight loss, and weight maintenance. My reasons and strategies have changed or pivoted for me with every season. I often need to search for new weight loss motivation, once I’m bored with ideas that previously motivated me.

What initially motivated me to lose weight, no longer works. Life is always changing. New circumstances, new science, new places in life, etc. all change! And I’m finding my commitment to health has to evolve with it, based on what’s currently important to me.

And that’s ok. I don’t for one second believe once you find a weight loss path, mindset, or diet, that it will be strong enough to keep you healthier for the remainder of your life.

It’s not only OK to change your strategy and mindset, but maybe it’s essential!

In the beginning, a strong “why” was essential for me to lose weight. I needed a clear and distinct target (*a bikini show for me), and I needed a proven path to get there.

Now, bikini shows aren’t motivating me to stick to tracking calories, or lifting heavy in the gym. In fact, I’ve been struggling to find some renewed motivation, as it’s extremely easy for me to eat more calories than I burn in a day with no real reason to say no to a cracker. I’m not even talking about binging, or stuffing myself. But simply eating too much for my frame because I just like food.

Where I am today

However, I stopped looking for the perfect motivation or purpose for now. Today, I’m motivated by a new idea I heard from David Goggins: PERFORM WITHOUT PURPOSE. Instead of me trying each day to nail down a purpose for turning down a cookie in favor of a rice cake, maybe I should forget about finding that elusive “Purpose”. Can I really do “the work” to maintain my weight loss without having an external goal? YES!! I think I can.

What does it mean to “Perform” for weight loss

What is the weight loss work for me now – Or the “Perform” side of the equation.

  1. Track my meals most days of the week. Can I track my meals without having a reason other than I just like to track?
  2. Stay within a calorie range to maintain weight and energy. Can I eat within a healthy calorie range with no reason except that it makes me feel good?
  3. Keep workout intensity high. Can I workout at a high intensity without a bikini show or marathon on my calendar?
  4. Practice moderation and portion control- no need to eat a sleeve of Ritz. Just have one! Can I practice moderation just because food tastes better with the first and second bites and I don’t taste it AT ALL with the 20th bite?
  5. Prioritize water over diet drinks. Can I drink water because it is good for me, rather than drinking diet soda because it suppresses my appetite?

I love this new idea to perform without purpose as it relates to weight loss! Tell me, are you frustrated trying to come up with a “reason” to lose weight that never lasts longer than 3 days? Can you do the work of weight loss or maintenance without a deadline or purpose? What does “the work” look like to you?

Bad language warning, but here’s the YouTube clip that inspired me from David Goggins on Joe Rogan.

and a P.S… I really do have a plan to do more bikini shows and marathon’s. Haha. I just don’t want that to be the motivation anymore. I want to do those just for fun, and not to “get myself in shape” over and over!

perform without purpose - weight loss motivation

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