15 Podcasts for Bikini Competitors to Stay Motivated

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15 of my favorite podcasts to listen to while prepping for a bikini competition (2022).

On my last bikini post (Bikini competition prep diet and workout plan here), I mentioned that I get motivated to keep going by listening to bikini and bodybuilding related podcasts. As a result, reader Brandey asked me which ones I listen to.

Here’s the ones that I’ve been listening to for awhile. If you have some not on my list (that also are currently publishing), hit me up in the comments with your favorites!

  1. Bikini and the Brain– My top choice. If I see a new episode, I bump it to the top of my podcast queue. It’s a conversational podcast between Ashley Kaltwasser and Adam Bonilla who are fun to listen to, and they know the industry well.
  2. Boss Bitch Radio– Diane Flores is the coolest human I “know”. She’s as real as they come, and she holds NOTHING back! I feel so connected to her that when I saw her at my competition in June, I just felt like we were friends! I awkwardly introduced myself, and she was sweet as ever.
  3. Huberman Labs – For those who like the science of the human body, this is a must listen! A professor of neurobiology at Stanford, he talks a lot about optimizing our health through food, sleep, sun, and supplements.
  4. The Bodybuilding Dietitians– This was my number one podcast for quite a while, but it’s sort of getting tired. They mostly do Q&A’s where all the answers end up being “it depends”. I get that you can’t get customized advice with podcasts Q&A’s, but maybe it’s time to switch up the format.
  5. Muscle for Life – I love this podcast for breaking down fitness research and explaining it well. However, sometimes Mike Mathews gets too sarcastic for me. It almost feels like angry sarcasm and it’s uncomfortable to listen to. If he could keep his political sarcasm out, it would be my #1 podcast.
  6. Prep Life – By Glam Girl Bikini, this is a conversational podcast with a topic. Amy Ehinger and Chris Nicole take turns with thoughts on different bikini topics. They stick to the topic and are genuinely educated in nutrition and training.
  7. Not just a bikini girl– I don’t listen to every single podcast of this one, cause it’s kind of all over the place. But if the title looks interesting, I’ll give it 10 minutes or so.
  8. Confessions of a Bikini Pro– This is an interview style podcast hosted by Celeste Rains-Turk. She consistently publishes great interviews by IFBB pro’s and gets inside their diet, training, and mindset.
  9. Beyond the bikini -While this one has some great episodes, she is a little heavy into the eating disorders and intuitive eating camp. I don’t really feel like this applies to me, so I only listen once in a while.
  10. Chasing Clarity – This is a new one for me, so I can’t say whether I’m a huge fan or not, but these guys are really smart, and have some fascinating topics around metabolism, muscle building, and fat loss.
  11. The Drive (Peter Attia) – While this one is great for education on longevity and nutrition, it’s a little too long for a podcast, and I tune out after about 40 minutes.
  12. Bikini Diaries – I love Na’iyma Chew rom Bikini Diaries. She has a great, soothing podcasting voice, and 99% of her topics I find interesting. Her podcast is a perfect mix of topics and interviews with pro’s.
  13. J3 University– This podcast is new to me as well. It’s hosted by coaches in the industry from J3 University. When they have Corey Hageman hosting with them, I always like to listen.
  14. Grow or Die– This one feels more intended for bodybuilders, but still has some valuable nuggets of information and motivation.
  15. Cupcakes and Protein Shakes– Savvana Sharp hosts this as more of a casual conversation about her current preps and protocols. I find it interesting to listen to, as I like getting behind the curtain with different ways people prep.g
Bikini prep and bodybuilding podcasts

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  1. Hi there,
    Do you include chest exercises in your workout routine?
    I would also be interested if you give a rough draft of your workouts. You write, for example, on Monday is your leg day. Tell us a little of what are the actual exercises you do on each day. For instance, squats – 3 sets for 12 reps

    1. Hi Natasha,I don’t have a day for chest.  I rarely do chest exercises (and I don’t know many bikini competitors that do).My workouts have been changing every few weeks the last three months, so it’s hard to write out specifically. But I do 4-5 exercises for each body part, 4 sets, 8-12 reps to failure! so, heavy enough that 8-12 reps are exhaustive!

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