Where to Eat Out with Gluten Free Options

Eating out while gluten free, doesn’t have to be as stressful as we make it out to be. I have learned many tricks over the years and am excited to share them with you!

Eating gluten free can sometimes be a tricky thing. If you are anything like me, a Celiac, allergic or sensitive to gluten, you have to be very cautious of everything you and others do with gluten.

I remember when I first started gluten free, I didn’t dare eat out. Just thinking about it made me nervous. Cross contact was my number one worry. You can’t control what others do. For example touching something that had gluten, then touching my food. Using the same utensils or by far the most difficult is them having no idea what you’re even talking about.

This had everything to do with eating at restaurants, fast food places or even my own extended families homes. Gluten can be hidden in so many things. People don’t understand it. Some are willing to help figure things out with you. Others don’t really care. The hardest part for me was I didn’t want to be a burden to others.

Don’t worry; there are ways to overcome these fears, at least for the most part. Yes there are times I still feel bad, but we just have to remind ourselves, it isn’t our choice to eat gluten free.

Before we get into it, here are a couple of tips for you. Always come prepared, whether you are eating out or in. Make phone calls to restaurants; figure out what you can eat. Learn your “safe” fast food places, don’t hesitate to suggest them. Call your family, see what they are making and bring your own variation of the meal.

When eating out be sure to check these 3 things:

Do they have gluten free (GF) options?
What do they do to prepare things GF? Change gloves? Separate area? GF Fryer? Etc.
Most importantly, when you ask them about options, do they seem familiar with GF?

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Be cautious of your waiter or waitress. If the staff doesn’t seem familiar with Gluten Free or know what you are talking about, sometimes that is an indicator that it isn’t going to be the safest place for you to eat. If they are familiar with allergies they are going to make sure that you get taken care of. If they aren’t aware, the likelihood of you getting sick increases. It really depends on them.

Now let’s focus on places we can eat out at that are generally safe for people who are gluten free.

Listed below are a few places that have gluten free options

(Remember there are tons of options, you just need to do a little bit of research): 

  1. Aubergine and Company (GF Menu)
  2. Blaze Pizza (GF Options)
  3. Bombay House (Most of their menu is GF)
  4. California Pizza Kitchen (GF Menu)
  5. Chick-fil-a (GF Menu, dedicated fryer)
  6. Costa Vida (Menu is all GF except, flour tortillas and desserts)
  7. Cubby’s (GF Menu)
  8. Fire House Subs (GF Options)
  9. In-N-Out (Dedicated Fryer)
  10. Los Hermanos (Majority of menu is GF)
  11. Olive Garden (Gluten Sensitive Menu, dedicated area)
  12. Outback Steak House (GF Menu)
  13. P.F. Changs (GF Menu)
  14. Pizza Pie Cafe (GF Options)
  15. Red Robin (GF Menu, GF Fryer, some dedicated areas)
  16. Rodizio Grill (Most of the menu is GF)
  17. Ruby River (GF Menu)
  18. Rumbi Island Grill (GF Menu)
  19. Wingers (GF Menu, Dedicated Fryer)

Verify everything, every time you go because ingredients and staff CHANGE. Just because one Olive Garden is safe for you to eat at, doesn’t mean that another is. Do your research and you will be grateful!

Lastly, I want to suggest, generally authentic restaurants have a larger variety of gluten free options. This is because the U.S. generally puts gluten into foods that are naturally gluten free. So if you are in a new place try restaurants that are Indian, Thai, Mexican, Australian etc. cuisines.  

Do your research and you will be grateful!

Now, share with me! What are your favorite places to eat at with safe Gluten Free options?

19 Gluten free dining options

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  1. Thank you for the great information! I have been frequenting Chili’s Grill & Bar. Baby back ribs with honey chipotle sauce ,loaded mashed potatoes and brocolli. They have not glutened me yet in over 2 years!!
    You are correct in each eatery is different always ask?? I tend to mention gluten free a few times or more when ordering!!! When I have gotten glutened it is bad!!

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